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An Inconvenient Truth

  1. an inconvenient truth
    James Gunn Reveals Shocking Truth About Groot’s Death In Guardians of the GalaxyBaby Groot’s relation to original Groot might surprise you.
  2. Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Sequel Trailer: ‘Despair Can Be Paralyzing’Things were very, very bad. Then along came Trump.
  3. sundance 2017
    Al Gore’s Dire An Inconvenient Truth SequelAl Gore ain’t afraid of no Trump.
  4. overdue sequels
    An Inconvenient Truth Sequel Set for Sundance 2017Quiet, says Al Gore. A whale is still in trouble.
  5. Jon Meacham’s First Book Deal As VP of Random House: Al Gore’s Future ManifestoWill this be his third best seller?
  6. National Enquirer Finds Two More Gore-Harassed MasseusesMaybe try acupuncture instead.
  7. Laurie David Had a Professor Crush on Al GoreShe called him “incredibly funny and brilliant and charming.”
  8. Star: Al Gore Cheated on Tipper With Larry David’s Ex [Updated]And we thought this affair story was going to be boring.
  9. silliness
    Take Back Al Gore’s Oscar, Say NutsNow that global warming is a hoax, it’s only fair.
  10. apropos of nothing
    Al Gore Ready for ‘An Inconvenient Opera’La Scala in Milan is bringing Gore’s Oscar-winning PowerPoint presentation to the screen.