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And Step On It!

  1. Judge Blocks Outer-Borough Taxi PlanThis changes … very little.
  2. Etiquette Expert Offers Questionable Advice on the Topic of UpstreamingThe return of an age-old debate. 
  3. Why Don’t You Buckle Up in Cabs?It’s not like your driver is wildly speeding and swerving through traffic or anything.
  4. Riders Base Tips on Cabbies’ Trivia KnowledgeThe game for people who feel that their cab driver is paying just a little too much attention to the road.
  5. Cabbies Still Really Don’t Want to Drive You to BrooklynAn undercover sting finds that 27 percent will refuse to take you to an outer borough.
  6. Meet an Italian-American Sikh Female Taxi DriverWe’re adding Maria Provenzano Singh to the list of cabbies we hope to hail someday.
  7. Taxi Officials Differ on the Etiquette of UpstreamingA Daily Intel investigation.
  8. Cab Driver Threatened to ‘Break the Face’ of Passenger Who Wanted to Go to BrooklynA slight overreaction.
  9. Gunshot Victim Can’t Get a CabShould have taken the train.
  10. Men in Unmarked Cars May Soon Pick You Up in the Outer BoroughsLivery cabs can now legally pick people up off the streets in new areas.
  11. Taking You to Brooklyn Now Makes Economic Sense for Cab DriversFines have gone way up.
  12. In Seven Years, All of New York’s Taxis Will Look Like ThisThe Nissan NV200 won a citywide competition.
  13. Cab Drivers Are Now Physically Yanking People Out of the Backseat Rather Than Driving Them to BrooklynA pair of brave girls videotaped one such attempt.
  14. Man Pays Cabdriver $5,000 for Ride to Los AngelesIt’s like a road trip, but lazier.
  15. and step on it!
    About Half of All Cabbies Are Willing to Do Their JobsThat is, take passengers wherever they want to go, even the outer boroughs.