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Mystery Figure Set to Take Over City Tonight!

Line of succession is not usually a big deal on the municipal level, but with a mayor who acts increasingly, shall we say, presidential, the question does arise: Who's in charge when Bloomie's out of town? Today's Times notes a weirdly undemocratic wrinkle in the protocol. Normally, first deputy Patricia Harris picks up the reins. How about when she's also out of town, though, as she will be tonight? Well, in those cases, the job of running the world's capital goes to … some dude. Or lady. Bloomberg won't say who among his staffers is next in line to the throne. Moreover, he pretty much asks us not to worry our pretty little heads about it: He's always in control. After all, his private jet probably has Bloomberg Terminals installed.

I Love It When You Call Me Beard Papa

A reader wrote in and wondered:
WTF is going on with Beard Papa?????????? We walked by the one on 6th ave yesterday and watched the owner clean out the joint, and the one at Astor place is boarded up … WHAT is going on? PLEASE launch an investigation immediately or I will have a breakdown … I can't live without their green tea puffs.
Consider the investigation launched. We put some calls out, but e-mail us at grubstreet@nymag.com if you know anything. Beard Papa's [Official Site]