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Anne Slowey Saga Continues; London Fashion Week Is Pretty White

• Ass-electrocutionist Anne Slowey responds! The Elle editor commented on yesterday's post about her quest to flatten her posterior and boldly admits to merely imagining a phone call to her psychic. Or perhaps we misread? Whatever, the woman still electrocuted her tush. [Cut]

Lessons Learned From ‘Elle’ Editor's Derriere Diary

Anne Slowey is the fashion news and accessories editor at Elle. We base this on nothing more than looking at her pretty picture and reading what she's written, but she strikes us as one of those women who's a perfectly normal size but can't help but strive to be thinner, because she — like everyone else in the world, ourselves included — can't remember what a healthy woman looks like. Allow us to explain.

Nina Garcia, Joe Zee and Anne Slowey Are in the Running Toward Becoming the Top Reality Stars of ‘Elle’

Nina and Anne
Nina Garcia, of Project Runway fame, will no longer be the most famous editor at Elle. That is, if Elle creative director Joe Zee and fashion news director Anne Slowey have anything to say about it. WWD is reporting that the two Elle staffers are in negotiations to appear on the new Tyra Banks reality show about wannabe assistants at a fashion magazine that was announced yesterday, tentatively, and might we add creatively, titled Fashionista. That's pretty gutsy of them, to allow two different reality shows to co-exist at the same publication. To have three reality stars living in the same house, so to speak. Won't there be an awful lot of tension and competition over things like who got more airtime who the editors are making look like the mean one and who looks thinnest onscreen and who better put down that organic food bar, like, now? Gosh, it almost sounds like it could be … a reality show!