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  1. The First Amendment Won Big at the Supreme Court TodayThe court handed down rulings that could make the Washington Redskins and anyone blocked on Twitter by Donald Trump very happy.
  2. Supreme Court Agrees to Hear Big Wisconsin Gerrymandering CaseIt is well established that states cannot draw district lines to disadvantage racial minorities. Political minorities have no such protection — yet.
  3. Supreme Court Not Amused by DoJ’s Argument on Deporting Naturalized Citizens“Oh, come on!” said Chief Justice Roberts on hearing the argument.
  4. GOP Senator Fans Rumors Trump Will Get Another SCOTUS Pick This YearChuck Grassley raises conservative hopes about a fifth vote against the right to choose.
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    The Many Stealth Questions About Abortion in Neil Gorsuch’s Confirmation HearingIn addition to being grilled on Roe v. Wade, Trump’s SCOTUS nominee fields queries on “litmus tests,” the weight of precedent, and more.
  6. The Many Stealth Questions About Abortion in Neil Gorsuch’s Confirmation HearingIn addition to being grilled on Roe v. Wade, Trump’s SCOTUS nominee fields queries on “litmus tests,” the weight of precedent, and more.
  7. There Was a Lot of Happy Talk on Day One of Neil Gorsuch’s Confirmation HearingsBut that’s about to end.
  8. The Anti-Abortion Movement Is Optimistic — But They’ve Been There BeforeThe 45th president is an unlikely champion for abortion opponents. And he may not accomplish more for them than did George W. Bush.
  9. Federal Court Opens the Door to Restrictions on Partisan GerrymanderingIf SCOTUS agrees, it would be a boon to Democrats and a blow to the GOP.
  10. Justice Anthony Kennedy Is a Conservative Pariah AgainIn his latest opinions on affirmative action and abortion, the famous “swing justice” earns a fresh round of right-wing anger.
  11. SCOTUS Strikes Down Restrictive Texas Abortion LawJustice Kennedy joined Supreme Court liberals in stopping states from shutting down abortion clinics on dubious medical grounds. 
  12. Affirmative Action in College Admissions Survives SCOTUS AgainThe much-debated Fisher v. University of Texas case yields a 4–3 decision for the university, as Justice Kennedy surprises us again.
  13. Obama’s Moment of Environmental DecisionA president must gamble with the planet’s future.
  14. Justice Kennedy Denies Prop 8 Supporters’ MotionWith no additional comment.”
  15. Justice Scalia Predictably Sassy in DOMA DissentSo. Much. Sass. 
  16. Justice Breyer Confounded by Watching The Social NetworkIt’s okay because none of the justices understand technology either.
  17. Anthony Kennedy Will Remain All-Powerful for at Least Three More YearsHe’ll stay on until the end of Obama’s first term.
  18. Anthony Kennedy Could Do With Fewer New Yorkers on the CourtCrybaby.
  19. Dalton Incident Wasn’t First Time Justice Kennedy’s Office Asked to Vet Student JournalismIt also happened at George Washington last month.
  20. Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy Insists on Vetting Own Coverage in Student NewspaperThis is just confusing.
  21. These Guys Can’t Agree on AnythingThe latest official portrait of the Supreme Court is hilarious.
  22. Oracle of Omaha Screws With Everyone’s HeadFINANCE • Buffett to the rescue: The Oracle of Omaha may take a 20 percent stake in crisis-ridden Bear Stearns. If the deal goes through, Bear CEO Jim Cayne will have another new bridge partner to brag about. [NYT] • Goldman Sachs named Edward Forst as co-head of investment management, a troubled group with a mere $796 billion in assets. Forst takes the place of Eric Schwartz, who’s retiring after 23 years with the bank. [NYP] • “The tears of Chuck Norris would supply enough liquidity to solve the credit crisis. Too bad he never cries.” [Bloomberg]
  23. The Plaza Turns 100The Plaza Hotel turns 100 on October 1, and she’s having a birthday party. MTV nixed having the stars of The Hills go to the Gossip Girl premiere party at Tenjune. On NY1’s Wiseguys, Ed Koch and Al D’Amato berated lefty Mark Green over MoveOn.org’s “General Betray Us” ad. Alina Shriver, sister-in-law of Maria and wife of Anthony Kennedy, just debuted a clothing line. A Pontiac had to be removed from the stage of 50 Cent’s concert at Hammerstein Ballroom because it had gas in the tank. Ben Affleck, Jennifer Garner, and Violet played in Sheep Meadow. Eartha Kitt, better known as Catwoman, says she’s 80 but still “burning.”