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  1. New York Politics Chat: Is Trump the Worst President of All Time?Five members of New York’s politics team try to figure what Trump has to do to take the (figurative) crown.
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    The Strange Task of Researching a Book About the Apocalypse in 2017Over a year ago, I began inquiring into the matter of the apocalypse. Since then, my project has taken on a more dire and immediate aspect.
  3. Tips for Post-Apocalyptic Beards With the Cast of The Walking DeadHere’s how to get your facial hair to peak zombie-fighting performance.
  4. Everything You’ll Need to Survive the Coming ApocalypseMight we suggest some rather durable hankies?
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    I Married the Perfect Man for the ApocalypseWhat choosing a husband means.
  6. We Tried All The Abandoned Kitchens in This Post-Apocalyptic Brownstone So […] I know it, you know it, we all know it: eating out in this nuclear winter really sucks. We’ve all rummaged our way through the same abandoned […]
  7. dirtbag fashion
    How to Dress for the End of the WorldEven in the apocalypse, one should never forgo a chance to look chic.
  8. The Apocalyptic Argument for TrumpChristian conservatives are lashing themselves into a frenzy for Trump on grounds that it might literally be the end of the world if Clinton wins.
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    This Deleted X-Men Scene Is Totally RadicalWhy on Earth would you not include this?
  10. deadpool
    Deadpool Crashed Japanese X-Men TrailerOpen invitation for him to crash all trailers.
  11. ratings
    When It Comes to Violence, Does a PG-13 Rating Mean Anything Anymore?Movies like Warcraft and X-Men: Apocalypse are testing the rating’s outer limits of screen violence.
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    Who Looks the Most Bored in X-Men: Apocalypse?Take a wild guess who tops the list.
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    Why Moving Through Time Is an Essential Element of the X-Men MythosNo other superhero group faces it like them.
  14. Meet the Underappreciated Woman Who Invented X-Men’s ApocalypseHer name is Louise Simonson, and she’s a comics veteran.
  15. hmm
    How Old Is Everyone Supposed to Be in X-Men: Apocalypse?Somehow, Jennifer Lawrence has been tricked into playing another character in her 40s.
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    X-Men: Apocalypse’s Post-Credits Scene, ExplainedIt teases a longtime X-Men villain.
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    X-Men: Apocalypse Is Ensemble Superhero Moviemaking Done RightWatching Apocalypse, you don’t feel as if every character is being set up for his or her own spinoff. They complement one another.
  18. summer movie preview 2016
    Why X-Men: Apocalypse Is Generating So Little ExcitementThe franchise’s eighth movie is having trouble getting attention.
  19. comic-book movies
    Jennifer Lawrence Is ‘Dying’ to Be in More X-Men Movies, She Swears“I love these movies, I love being in them.”
  20. director's chair
    Bryan Singer Will Direct X-Men: ApocalypseIt’s confirmed.
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    End Times Watch: Juice Fasts Are the New ReligionFor wealthy urbanites, that is.
  22. Burger Time
    Umami Wants Its ‘End of the World’ Burger To Be Your Last Meal on EarthIf the world was really going to end, we’d probably be at Providence.
  23. it's the end of the world as we know it
    How to Deal With the Apocalypse, According to Disaster MoviesGet drunk.
  24. end of days
    Why TV Apocalypses Are Really Wish-Fulfillment FablesSure, there are zombies and militias on The Walking Dead and Revolution, but life is so simple.
  25. Wyoming House Advances Bill to Spend $16,000 to Evaluate Doomsday PlanningThis is a real thing.
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    Antony Hegarty on His New Book, Album, and Plan for Mandatory Estrogen Treatments for World LeadersHegarty: “I really feel that men should be forced to take estrogen treatments before they make any real decisions around governance and war.”
  27. david rakoff
    David Rakoff Thinks the World Is Going to Hell, But Here Are Five Things He Loves About New York, AnywayDespite gentrification and Donald Trump and the Mets’ record, the city hasn’t been completely ruined for Rakoff yet.