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  1. ipos
    Slack Is a Boring Company. That’s Why Its Stock Was Exciting.Maybe other tech companies can adopt its unorthodox strategy of “selling a service for money.”
  2. power
    Popular Fertility App Funded by Anti-Abortion, Anti-Contraception GroupFemm received nearly $2 billion from an anti-contraception hedge funder over the past three years, a Guardian investigation has found.
  3. yell world
    Why Everyone Is Yelling at Their Phones for FunThanks to screen-recording features on iOS and social media platforms, the game you play by yelling at your phone has had a surprise resurgence.
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    Did You Spend More Than the Average American on Apps Last Year?If it was under $80, you’re below average.
  5. apps
    I Can’t Believe How Much Money I‘ve Spent on This iPhone Home-Design GameBut it makes me happy.
  6. augmented reality
    10 Cool Augmented-Reality Apps That You Might Actually UseGoogle Play and the App Store are awash with augmented-reality apps, and many of them are terrible. Here are ten that actually show AR’s potential.
  7. select all
    Bumble’s New Filtering Tool Seems Useful, If FlawedUsers can now select certain traits they want to see in potential matches; but things like being Jewish and looking for a third aren’t options.
  8. the cut opinion pages
    Apps Can Take a HikeIt’s been long enough — they’re just not working out.
  9. technology
    Tumblr Kicked Off App Store Over Child PornMeanwhile, NSFW artists on the platform say they are getting caught in the crossfire.
  10. technology
    An Augmented-Reality App Could Mean Guilt-Free Screen Time With Your KidsWonderscope creates a 3D storybook right in front of your eyes — and could help you feel better about letting your kids spend time with a screen.
  11. science of us
    I Cherish My Period TrackerThe apps may not all be perfect, but I love this one.
  12. artphone
    Here’s How You Can Easily Make Music on Your PhoneFor like zero dollars!
  13. artphone
    Want to Use Instagram Stories Like a Real Influencer? Try These 4 Apps.Turns out all you need to con the world into thinking you’re living the influencer life are a couple of free apps and some patience.
  14. tech boot camp
    3 To-do Apps That Can Help Keep Your Life Organized and EfficientOne single to-do app is for chumps. He-man organizers use three.
  15. tech boot camp
    The Best Running App Around Doesn’t Cost a ThingWe tested four popular fitness apps — Strava, MapMyRun, Runkeeper, Nike+ Run Club — to find the best option around.
  16. keep it like a fatsecret
    This Is Hands Down the Best Calorie Counter App, Except for Its NameWhat’s in a name? Quite a bit, it turns out.
  17. this worries me
    These 10 Apps Can Help You Manage Your AnxietyImagine: Your phone as a source of calm, for once.
  18. searching
    A Serial Dater Ranks the Best Hookup AppsWhen you’re not interested in swiping for a soul mate.
  19. tech
    Bumble Founder Was Threatened and Harassed After App Banned Gun Photos“It was ‘We’re coming for you, we know where your office is.’”
  20. select all
    The Innocuous Gray Box That Explains Facebook’s Data MessTucked away in the site’s settings, a few checkboxes explain everything.
  21. power
    Snapchat’s Latest Blunder Is a Reminder to Never Mess with Rihanna“Shame on you,” Rihanna tweeted in response to the app’s offensive ad.
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    MoviePass CEO Says App Tracks You After You Leave TheaterThe app’s privacy policy doesn’t disclose the reported data tracking.
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    Vero’s Terms and Conditions, ExplainedIt’s actually pretty standard.
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    This Animated Instagram Caption App Makes My Friends Ask, ‘How Did You Do That?’An easy hack for seeming like you’re much more Insta-savvy than you actually are.
  25. birth control
    Swedish Contraceptive App Blamed for String of Unwanted PregnanciesNatural Cycles is the first app to be certified as a method of birth control in the E.U.
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    How to Use That Google App to Find Out What Piece of Art You Look LikeBecause you always wanted to know if your face was more Baroque or impressionistic.
  27. select all
    Playing Bar Trivia With HQ’s ScottWhat makes someone a “Quiz Daddy” as opposed to a mere game-show host?
  28. the swift life
    Taylor Swift’s New App Swarmed by Trump SupportersThe Swift Life has been overrun by trolls and angry political posts.
  29. social studies
    Is It Rude to Play HQ at Parties?The trivia app is infiltrating real-world social life.
  30. select all
    For the Good of Society — and Traffic! — Delete Your Map AppCities and citizens alike are waging war against map apps.
  31. the chain gang
    App Truthers Claim Domino’s Is Lying About Who Makes Their PizzaIt’s “only as legit as the people in the store let it be.”
  32. select all
    Some Uber Drivers Are Using a Phony GPS App to Raise FaresSome riders have reportedly paid twice as much as they should have as a result.
  33. unfiltered content
    Man Develops App to Reveal What Women Look Like Without MakeupIf you’re looking to downgrade your selfie game, MakeApp is for you.
  34. select all
    Man Develops App to Reveal What Women Look Like Without MakeupIf you’re looking to downgrade your selfie game, MakeApp is for you.
  35. tech
    There’s a New App that Lets You Apologize to PeopleFrom tech guru Greta Van Susteren.
  36. the panopticon
    Taylor Swift Has an App Where You Can Watch Taylor and She Can Watch YouTaylor follows in the footsteps of the Kardashians and Jeremy Renner.
  37. select all
    10 Augmented-Reality Apps You Definitely Need on Your iPhoneThese apps will make you feel like you’re living in the future, I promise.
  38. I Used Funny or Die’s Pitch App for a Month, and This Is What It Was LikeI touched the olive-colored olive icon and was in: Pitch, the invite-only joke-writing app developed by Funny or Die. It was the first day of […]
  39. experiments
    Steven Soderbergh Gives New Details on Upcoming Interactive HBO Project MosaicIt sounds extremely fascinating and extremely complicated.
  40. help wanted
    This New App Pays Users to Create Long Lines at RestaurantsTo create “the illusion that a restaurant is busy and worthy of your hard-earned money.”
  41. gallery
    This App Is Like Spotify for Art LoversTwo women founded Loupe, a popular art-streaming app.
  42. apps
    Shazam for Food Is Actually Maybe RealPic2Recipe promises to — you guessed it — use pictures to identify recipes.
  43. select all
    Planet of the Apps Has No Idea What It Wants to BeApple’s new reality show is very bad.
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    If Snapchat and Slack Had a Kid It Would Probably Look Like the New Skype UpdateThe “new generation of Skype” looks surprisingly similar to every other popular social-media app on the market.
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    Instagram Completes Transformation Into Snapchat by Introducing ‘Face Filters’A flower crown. How novel!
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    We Tested a Bunch of Fidget-Spinner Apps, So You Don’t Have ToNot all spinner apps are created equal.
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    Snapchat Is Killing Its Infamous Time LimitUsers can now send limitless snaps and looping videos.
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    Everyone Is Using This App to Make Creepy Smiling and Aged Photos of ThemselvesFaceApp lets you morph photos and selfies with slightly horrifying accuracy.
  49. apps
    All the Push Notifications I Have Received From Jeremy Renner’s App“Cup of coffee please….” “Still hibernating…. hahaha.” “Fun view from my room.”
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    Every App Is the SameThey’re all just copying each other.
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