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Arab Spring

  1. second opinions
    Dads Should Never Comment on Spring BreakBilly Ray Cyrus interprets Patrick Schwarzenegger’s spring-breaking.
  2. U.S. to Give Syrian Citizens $100 Million in AidSidestepping the “thin red line.”
  3. Pro-Western Candidate Leading in Libyan ElectionFormer Pittsburgh political science professor Mahmoud Jibril is ahead. 
  4. State Prosecutor Appealing Hosni Mubarak Verdict Meanwhile, Tahir Square has filled with protesters.
  5. Hosni Mubarak Gets Life in PrisonThe first leader ousted by Arab Spring receives a harsh sentence.
  6. Yemen’s Main Airport Shut Down by Troops Loyal to Ousted President A group of air force officers and civilians have grounded all flights. 
  7. breakthroughs
    Saudi Women Are Finally Allowed to Sell Bras to One AnotherBelieve it or not, this is quite a breakthrough.
  8. campaign trail
    Benetton’s New Unhate Memorial Doesn’t Feature Any Controversial KissingInstead, it’s a sculpture of a dove.
  9. Thousands of Egyptian Women March Against Protest BeatingsTahrir Square was filled for a fifth straight day.
  10. Time’s Person of the Year Is ‘The Protester’The magazine’s annual award goes to no one in particular.
  11. Nude Egyptian Blogger Becomes Hot Button Election IssueNot even the other activists want to be associated with this young woman.
  12. Tunisia’s First Free Election Was Well AttendedAbout 70 percent of voters showed up.
  13. Yemen’s President Says He’ll Step Down Any Day NowBut do we believe him?
  14. 26 Dead So Far in Clashes in Yemeni Capital [Updated]More than 100,000 protest near government buildings.
  15. Interpol Puts Qaddafi on Most Wanted ListThe Libyan leader says he’s still in the country and vows to keep fighting.
  16. Revolution-Chaser Sent PackingLibyan rebels got “fed up” with their college student companion.
  17. libya zero hour
    American College Student Just Hanging With Libyan RebelsChris Jeon, 21, just “thought it would be cool” to see a revolution.
  18. Qaddafi Could Be Cornered, Hopes to Collaborate With RebelsRebels “laughed out loud” at the thought.
  19. Libyan Rebels Giving Qaddafi Until the Count of Five...Loyalist forces have until Saturday to surrender. Or else.
  20. Pro-Assad Syrians Picked the Wrong Columbia University Facebook Page to SwarmThe online protest was a bit misguided.
  21. Libya and the United States Had a Talk Over the WeekendU.S. officials claim the talks are “not the start of negotiations.”
  22. exit strategies
    Hosni Mubarak Has Awoken From His ComaHe only missed a few hours.
  23. Egypt Fires Nearly 600 Police OfficersProtesters are still having an impact.
  24. Hillary Clinton Has ‘Absolutely Nothing Invested’ in Syrian President Assad [Update][He] is not indispensable.”
  25. From Saudi Arabia, Yemeni President Appears on TVHe did not say when or if he would return.
  26. Qaddafi Allegedly Remains in Libya As Rebels Advance Toward TripoliA government rep claims Qaddafi is “in high spirits.”
  27. Yemen’s President Is Going to Come HomeHe hasn’t been heard from since flying to Saudi Arabia to treat his wounds.
  28. Syrians Flee to Turkey As Government Forces Retake Rebel CityThe Syrian government appears to have abandoned all pretense of trying to offer change.”
  29. Yemen’s President More Severely Injured Than ThoughtHe has burns on more than 40 percent of his body.
  30. Not Everyone in Yemen Exactly Sad to See the President GoProtesters are celebrating in the streets.
  31. Yemen President’s Irrational Behavior Gets Even WeirderAn irrational dictator gets even weirder.
  32. The Netanyahu–Obama Relationship Is Not Going to Get Less Awkward Any Time SoonBut they might pretend it will.
  33. Obama’s ‘Major’ Speech on Arab World Hurt by Lofty ExpectationsReactions from a generally unimpressed punditry.