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Ari Fleischer

  1. How Marriage Became the Republican Answer to InequalityIf anybody objects to this union of political party and talking point, let them speak now.
  2. Does Anyone Understand Ari Fleischer’s Broccoli Riddle?It’s about Obama, too. 
  3. Republicans Put Snooping Policy Over PoliticsCredit their honesty, if not necessarily their convictions.
  4. Driving to the TV Studio Is for PeonsTrue stars have in-house studios.
  5. Ari Fleischer Wants Helen Thomas Fired for Saying Jews Should Get ‘the Hell Out of Palestine’ [Updated]Thomas has since apologized.
  6. Tiger Woods Calls on Bush PR Man to Help Rescue Public ImageAri Fleischer! Why didn’t we think of that?
  7. Ari Fleischer: Robert Gibbs Doesn’t Have It Any EasierThe former Bush press secretary talks to us about his current successor.
  8. apropos of nothing
    Oliver Stone’s Bush Biopic Now Even Funnier: Rob Corddry to Play Ari FleischerOn Monday, we jokingly suggested that Oliver Stone’s W might be a comedy. Today, we were proven right.