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  1. crime scene
    Celeb Chef Michael Chiarello Booked on Suspicion of DUI and Drug PossessionHe says he intends to “vigorously challenge” the misdemeanor charges.
  2. dakota access pipeline
    Shailene Woodley Penned a Letter About Her Dakota Access Pipeline Protest Arrest“The Dakota Access Pipeline, my friends, is not another time to ignore, mistreat, and turn a blind eye to Native Americans.”
  3. dakota access pipeline protest
    Shailene Woodley Penned a Letter About Her Dakota Access Pipeline Protest Arrest“The Dakota Access Pipeline, my friends, is not another time to ignore, mistreat, and turn a blind eye to Native Americans.”
  4. arrests
    Watch Shailene Woodley Get Arrested for ProtestingLike any good millennial.
  5. arrests
    Desiigner Arrested on Felony Drug and Gun Charges After AltercationThe rapper allegedly pointed a gun at the driver of a car.
  6. Man Arrested With Weapons, Explosives Was Headed to Los Angeles Pride ParadeJames Wesley Howell was carrying three assault rifles, high-capacity ammunition, and a bucket of explosive chemicals.
  7. arrests
    Wendell Pierce Disputes Attack Account That Got Him ArrestedHe was booked on a charge of simple battery.
  8. protests
    Rosario Dawson Reportedly Arrested at D.C. Democracy Spring ProtestShe was among nearly 100 arrested on Friday.
  9. Mailman Cuffed for Criticizing Cops’ DrivingAdd “road rage while black” to the list of punishable offenses.  
  10. Arrests
    Austin Chef Paul Qui Arrested for Allegedly Attacking GirlfriendHe’s been charged with unlawful restraint and assault causing bodily injury to a family member.
  11. janky lifehacks
    A Hero Woman Who Forged Her Own License Plate Was Arrested for Some Reason?Here’s a handy lifehack for you.
  12. The Officer Who Arrested Sandra Bland Has Been FiredHe is also facing misdemeanor perjury charges.
  13. childhood ruined
    N. Carter Addresses His Florida Bar Fight ArrestHe allegedly fought a bouncer.
  14. arrests
    ‘American Pie’ Singer Don McLean Was Arrested and Charged With Domestic AbuseAt his home in Camden, Maine.
  15. arrests
    Yasiin Bey Has Been Kicked Out of South AfricaThe former Mos Def was arrested at Cape Town International Airport.
  16. arrests
    Steely Dan’s Fagen Arrested on Assault ChargeHis wife, the singer Libby Titus, received an order of protection against him.
  17. sex work
    Feds Finally Realize What ‘Rentboy’ Means, Shutter Popular Escort SiteSeven of the online male-escort service’s employees were arrested yesterday.
  18. Honored NYPD Cop Busted for Buying CocaineHis precinct is probably regretting it now. 
  19. Arrests
    ‘Cake Boss’ Buddy Valastro Was Arrested for Drunk DrivingThe reality-television star will reportedly see the judge this morning.
  20. celebrity cycle
    Do We Really Need to Know About Miley’s Date’s Arrest Warrant? Jesse Helt is really getting the celebrity treatment.
  21. Atlas Chugged
    Spiking Booze With Straight Viagra Predictably Ends in Entrepreneur’sThe Viagra and booze bootlegger described his concoction as a “nutritional healthy liquor.”
  22. Arrests
    Pot Brownies Could Land Texas Teen in Prison for LifeHe baked hash oil into them, so police weighed the whole batch.
  23. Alec Baldwin Arrested for Biking While Belligerent [Updated]He’s back.
  24. Alec Baldwin Arrested for Something in New YorkIt seems he was caught riding his bike the wrong way.
  25. Subway Arrests Have Skyrocketed Under BrattonEnjoy those showtimes while you can, everybody.
  26. Funny Money
    Applebee’s Customer Tried to Pay With ‘Trillion-Dollar Bill’That’s a lot of riblets.
  27. Whiskey Bread
    Gwynnett St. Update: Whiskey Bread Is Back“This entire episode stems from a tragic abuse by someone I have known for years,” McCoy said last month.
  28. Reopenings
    Gwynnett St. Reopens Tonight With New ‘Casual Direction’The whiskey bread stays on the menu.
  29. Temporary Closings
    Chef Owen Clark Leaves Gwynnett St. in Williamsburg With Kitchen Staff“The association with international drug trafficking, Federal informing, and recent financial troubles all made the restaurant unworkable for me.”
  30. Crime
    Gwynnett St. Owner Responds to Daily News ‘Drug Dealer’“I would like to state for the record this entire episode stems from a tragic abuse by someone I have known for years.”
  31. Crime
    Daily News Fingers Gwynnett St. Owner As Drug Dealer; Gwynnett DeniesWhat someone has here is a failure to communicate, we’re just not sure who.
  32. The City Finally Processed All Those Brooklyn Bridge Protest ArrestsAlmost all had their charges dismissed.
  33. There’s Been an Arrest in the New Orleans Mother’s Day ShootingThat was fast. 
  34. Police Video Highlights Two Very Different Ends in Tsarnaev Brothers’ FlightDzhokhar, persuaded by a negotiator to surrender, reportedly ran over his brother.
  35. Crime
    Why Are So Many People Paying for Sex With McDonald’s Menu Items?This seems to be something of trend.
  36. 9-Year-Old Thrown From Rooftop Still in Critical ConditionHis attacker was a neighbor with a rap sheet.
  37. arrests
    Josh Brolin Arrested for Public Intoxication on New Year’sHe’s totally off the hook though.
  38. arrests
    Sam Worthington Got Arrested in a Bar FightHe got pepper-sprayed.
  39. 21-Year-Old Man Arrested in Bronx Baby’s DeathHe’s been charged with the death of his daughter and her mother. 
  40. One of the City’s Needle-Wielding Criminals Has Been ArrestedNo word on the motive yet.
  41. Undocumented Journalist Jose Antonio Vargas Arrested in Minnesota [Updated]He was charged with driving without a valid license.
  42. Pirate Bay Co-Founder Arrested in CambodiaThe Swedes have been after him for years. 
  43. 2 Chainz Arrested for Carrying What May or May Not Be Brass KnucklesLaGuardia’s security team maybe doesn’t know a cool piece of jewelry when they see one.
  44. More Occupy Wall Street Protesters Arrested Down by Federal HallPuts this week’s tally somewhere north of twenty.
  45. arrests
    Bobby Brown Arrested for Drunk DrivingHow quickly a cell-phone violation can turn into a stay in jail for OUI.
  46. drug dealing
    Ed Hardy Model Reportedly Really ‘Methed Up’; Arrested for Running a Drug RingAustralian officials re-arrested Simone Farrow after she skipped bail.
  47. arrests
    Lucy Lawless Arrested on an Oil RigHer four-day protest has concluded.
  48. life imitates art
    A Guy Named Omar Little Was Arrested in Baltimore This WeekendBut not that Omar.
  49. music
    Tyler, the Creator Arrested After an altercation with a sound engineer.
  50. Over 50 Occupy Wall Street Protesters Arrested in Yesterday’s ActionMost at Duarte Square, others while marching on Times Square.
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