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Susan Homer Makes Grandma Art Cool Again

We've seen so much world-weary art recently that our first impulse was to reject Homer's work as something our grandmother would hang on her wall.

Artist Angelo Filomeno Bugs Out

Here, a bug and a butterfly are anthropomorphized somehow (with names Rex and Regina), or at least rendered more beautiful and yet more freakish than any taxonomist might do.

Artist Tamy Ben-Tor Hosts the Worst Kids' Show Ever

The performance artist and caustic satirist, dressed as a Ukrainian-ish folk-kinda-heroine figure, sings nonsensical, reprehensible lyrics to an audience of probably horrified youngsters. Enjoy!

Artist Lisa Dahl Gets the Housing-Market Blues

Real-estate prices are through the roof, so Lisa Dahl has painted her own little blue house on a very green prairie, using acrylic paint on a ripped page from a nameless real-estate magazine.

Artist Thomas Holton Exceeds Apartment's Maximum Occupancy

While his hyperreal photography, currently showing at Sasha Wolf Gallery in Tribeca through April 26, isn't quite as gritty as Lush Life, Richard Price's latest LES-set cop-versus-hipster thriller, digesting the two in a weekend will make you feel a regular Jack Nicholson.

Artist Sarah Lynch Sets a Trap

It's a cream cake dangling from a fishing rod — every dieter's nightmare! Actually, it's a photograph of a pile of papers suspended from a piece of wire — you clod!