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Artist Zhang Xiaotao Says Wear a Seat Belt

In Passage, Chinese painter Zhang Xiaotao demonstrates what — in all its starkly unapologetic reality — would have happened if Will Smith’s Agent J had pressed the red button.

Photographer Brian Finke Hangs Out With Some Dudes

Photographer Brian Finke infiltrates various hipster-hating A-crowds (i.e. fray boys and cheerleaders) for a hilariously poetic look at social hierarchies and, in this case, alcohol tolerance.

Artist Joel Meyerowitz Finds the World's Laziest Swimmer

Pure pipe-dream material on a day like today, Joel Meyerowitz's video-and-photographic installation (which opened yesterday at the uptown Edwynn Houk Gallery) is the result of Meyerowitz's work in July 2007 with Olympic divers in Florida.

Artist Sean Raspet Scrapbooks in 3-D

Physically navigating Sean Raspet's new installation, The Ones We Work For, at Chelsea's Daniel Reich Gallery seems to require superhuman agility.