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Artist Chris Ware Raises the Roof

In 2005, cartoon artist Chris Ware (think iconic New Yorker covers, Acme Novelty Library) launched The New York Times Magazine’s “Funny Pages” with 30 weekly drawings, each illustrating the evolving history of a Chicago apartment building.


Artist Germaine Kruip Does a Postmortem

To inaugurate its new project space, Studio 495, the Swiss Institute brings together works rooted in formal comparison. Germaine Kruip’s ongoing Image Archive project does just that and in doing so creates some interesting political undertones.


Artist Gus Powell Is Not Minding the Gap

Though it’s always good to have confidence in your work, this shot — part of Gus Powell’s “Manhattan Noon” show currently up at the Museum of the City of New York — makes us a little uneasy.


Andy Warhol's Topless Terminator

Andy Warhol's tan and grainy portrait of everyone's favorite Terminator/governor — on display with 99 other Warhol Polaroids at the uptown McCaffrey Fine Art gallery through February 23 — captures just the kind of fame Warhol promised his bevy of "superstars": fleeting and shirtless.


Artist Christopher K. Ho Loves His Gallerist

In an installation-based musing on the requisite collaborations between the “protagonists” of the art world, local artist Christopher K. Ho riffs on art-world ritual and even sculpts gallerist Edward Winkleman in the nude.


Artist Ingo Maurer's Electric Table

If you haven't made it up to the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum to check out Ingo Maurer's majestic installation of nearly 40 years of engrossing, cutting-edge light design, book it uptown — you only have until Sunday!


Artist Lisa Yuskavage Gets Cheeky

MoMA’s current second-floor exhibition, “Multiplex: Directions in Art, 1970 to Now,” is a veritable hit parade of work from contemporary superstars, but this painting is our favorite.