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Artist Elena Willis's Cloudy Classroom

Inspired by a 1966 tragedy in which coal waste trickled down a mountain in a Welsh mining town, engulfing a nearby school and killing 144, Elena Willis’s Aberfan 1966 seems an exercise in surrealist photographic technique.

Artist Barbara Bloom Comes to Collect

One has to figure that photographer and conceptual artist Barbara Bloom, whose collection-themed survey opens today at the International Center of Photography, has a basement full of stamps, coins, and collectible spoons.

Artist Bwana Spoons's Bad Oyster

The paintings and illustrations of Portland-based, early-nineties 'zine-ster Bwana Spoons look like something out of an indie children's book — the kind embraced by the spawn of Brooklyn-based aesthete parents.

Artist Travis Somerville Has the World's Creepiest Basement

In what may be the most frightening faux-bunker of all time, Atlanta-born artist Travis Somerville riffs on past southern trends (Confederate flags!), icons (KKK babies!), oddities (blackface Kennedy!), and, well, blaring bigoted missteps.

Artist Joyce Pensato Hits a Homer

Pop in subject, Pollock in form, Joyce Pensato's renditions of animated icons are PG-rated cultural relics gone wild.

Artist Molly Springfield Is a Human Photocopier

Nope, not a shoddy photograph. The above work, D.C.-based artist Molly Springfield's A Translation, is a meticulously rendered drawing based on a photocopy of pages from Lucy Lippard's 1973 text, Six Years: The Dematerialization of the Art Object From 1966 to 1972.