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I Shot ‘The Sheriff’

Gonzo artist Ralph Steadman and gonzo journalist Hunter S. Thompson collaborated on this 1995 print, The Sheriff commemorating Thompson's run for sheriff of Aspen in 1970 on the "Freak Power" ticket.

The Headless Sawman

Emerging artist to watch Jamie Isenstein has a magic-themed spectacle up at Andrew Kreps through next weekend.

‘What Five-Car Pileup?’

The French take a lot of heat when it comes to attitude, but, sadly, we think New Yorkers might have reacted the same way.

'Roid Rage

In this untitled painting, Brooklyn-based Parisian painter Jules de Balincourt ropes and wrangles a corpulent meteor.

Locked in Space

We're not sure if this entirely intentional, but the grill — derived from a photograph of a now-destroyed sixteenth-century mosque — suggests some pretty terrifying (though aesthetically pleasing) security at the obscured airport.

Pope Art

It's like Warhol gone Catholic!

Vandalize This

Ingrid Calame's From #210 Drawing (Tracings up to the L.A. River) defies Jackson Pollock's chance-driven splatter method by taking its inspiration from specific graffiti and paint spills found on city streets.


Damien Hirst wasn't the first to aestheticize (i.e. make shiny) the skull.

Indoor Graffiti

Paul Santoleri’s “canvases” tend toward the industrial (think Philadelphia infrastructure and oil tanks), but here's something he drew on a wall!

In the Jungle

This densely packed tropical panorama by German video artist Marcel Odenbach, doesn't owe its wisps and branches to an Old Master technique or a wide-format camera lens. Nope, they're crumpled-up newspapers.

Till the Maos Come Home

In New Mao Chinese sculptor Guangci gives his country's former Communist leader the sort of egalitarian, iconographic treatment that Mao himself might've actually appreciated

Art From a Can

In what's best described as a Gothic revivalist approach to environmentalism, Mircea Cantor's Rosace gets at the potential of crushed, discarded soda cans.

Fear and Painting

In a boozy, peyote-induced, psychedelic haze, the late Hunter Thompson might have considered David Perry's expressionistic portrait remarkably true to life.