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Artist Matthew McGuinness Looks Back in Anger

George W. Bush may have helicoptered off into the sunset yesterday, but artist Matthew McGuinness reminds that 43's legacy won't soon be forgotten.

By Andrew Goldstein

Artist Liz Renay Ruins It for Everybody

Renay, the late burlesque diva, gangster moll, and John Waters muse, occupied her reflective moments by painting erotic kitsch.

By Andrew Goldstein

Artist Samara Golden Redecorates the Batcave

Golden's diorama-like installation turns a basement nook into what appears to be the cluttered vanity of a media-obsessed eighties teenager.

By Andrew Goldstein

Artist Richard Aldrich Draws a Blank

T.S. Eliot said the bloody-minded playwright John Webster 'saw the skull beneath the skin,' and here artist Richard Aldrich demonstrates a similar X-ray aptitude.

By Andrew Goldstein

Artist Lisa Young Putters Around

In Lisa Young's hushed video, a young man wearing an untucked polo shirt tees off while a lawnmower crops the course quietly in the background.

By Emma Pearse