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Photographer Susan Mikula Shifts Focus

With her Polaroid camera, Susan Mikula creates abstract visions of empty spaces that inspire memories we never knew we had.

By Emma Pearse

Artist Kehinde Wiley Does a Face-Plant

Kehinde Wiley is in danger of overexposure at this point, but his show of four grand new paintings (and a few oldies) at Deitch closes this Saturday and we think you should see it.

By Emma Pearse

Artist Nagisa Nakauchi Bears All

Nagisa Nakauchi’s capped boy squats amid a mosh pit of fluffy bears and flattened dolls, all of them looking terribly bored with the whole situation.

By Emma Pearse

Artist Jeff Sonhouse Saves You the Cost of LSD

Sonhouse paints prominent and not so prominent African-Americans into colorful, distorted, geometrical compositions that render the subject barely recognizable.

By Emma Pearse