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The Met Makes Good on Promised Layoffs

The Metropolitan Museum of Art announced today that it has completed the round of layoffs announced back in March, with an overall death toll of 357 positions.

By Lane Brown

The Damaged Glamour of Marilyn Minter

She photographed the tongues of models through glass as they sipped and slurped on gelatinous candy and cake decorations.

By Emma Pearse

Will Work for Slime

Berlin art collective mints oozy new currency, baffling/delighting New Yorkers.

By Christine Lagorio

Up in Progress

If you saw the movie, we hope you'll be able to stop crying for long enough to check out some awesome production art by Pixar illustrator Lou Romano.

By Lane Brown

Artists Take Over City Billboards

Yesterday a group of artists, encouraged by the Public Ad Campaign, painted over the advertisements on about 120 billboards around downtown Manhattan.

By Jessica Pressler