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  1. party lines
    What Were Pete Wentz and Ashlee Simpson Doing in the Bathroom Together?So Pete Wentz and girlfriend Ashlee Simpson rushed into the Angels and Kings bathroom together at his 27th birthday party the other night, “Page Six” reported today. And we can confirm it’s true: We watched it happen. So what were the two of them doing in there? “Not cocaine,” Wentz pointedly told us a bit later, “which the British press would love to accuse me of. I walked her in there. She peed, and then I peed.” Exciting! What else did the Fall Out Boy front man do to celebrate his big day?
  2. gossipmonger
    Jay McInerney Breaks His Foot on a ClichéJay McInerney broke his foot running to hail a cab. Outside the Waverly Inn. Martha Stewart and Cosmo editor Kate White were among Glamour’s “Top 10 College Women.” Pete Wentz and girlfriend Ashlee Simpson cut the bathroom line at Wentz’s bar, Angels and Kings. A documentary adaptation is being filmed of Crimes Against Nature, Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s indictment of President Bush’s environmental policy. Hugh Hefner praised a story in Elle that trashed some of his girlfriends, even though he told the girls he’d write a critical letter to the editor about it. Katie Couric had breakfast with Ted Koppel.