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  1. true crime
    This Preacher Tried to Hire a Hit Man on the Dark Web to Kill His WifeAfter being scammed by the murder-for-hire site, prosecutors think he pulled the trigger himself.
  2. cheaters
    Ashley Madison Will Pay Users Up to $3500 for Ruining Their LivesThe company agreed to pay $11.2 million dollars to users for a 2015 data breach.
  3. catfishing
    Josh Duggar Sued by the Man Whose Profile Picture He Used on Ashley MadisonCatfishing has its consequences.
  4. depressing things
    Ashley Madison’s First-Ever TV Commercials Are So DarkAfraid of living a sad, loveless life and dying alone? Try Ashley Madison!
  5. rebranding
    Ashley Madison Will Only Partially Focus on Infidelity NowFirst things first: They’ll have to lose the tagline.
  6. Ashley Madison: We Have Tons of Female CheatersSure, okay!
  7. inevitabilities
    Ashley Madison CEO Resigned TodaySeems appropriate, to say the least.
  8. Data Suggests That the Men of Ashley Madison Were Chatting With Fake WomenFake women, but real Ashley Madison employees.
  9. Government Ashley Madison Users Have a Friend in Rand PaulHe said he doesn’t want to see them prosecuted — once someone explained what the site is.
  10. cybersecurity
    The Key Lesson of the Ashley Madison Hack — Even for Non-AdulterersHow to know when to hand over sensitive data — and when not to.
  11. hacking
    Police Link Two Suicides to Ashley Madison Hack The fallout from the online adultery data dump continues.
  12. past misdeeds
    Living in a Post-Delete WorldIf you want to escape your digital past, you had better start running.
  13. relationships
    So, Your Partner Found Out About Your Ashley Madison AccountThe good news: The latest research is showing that infidelity doesn’t have to be a relationship-killer, and scientists are starting to figure out why some couples emerge stronger than before. 
  14. Ashley Madison Hack Reveals Government Workers Cheat, TooBut somehow no elected officials have been caught.
  15. privacy
    The Ashley Madison Hack Should Scare You, TooWe’re all living in glass houses.
  16. How People Are Explaining Their Ashley Madison AccountsTo quote Shaggy, “It wasn’t me.”
  17. possible cheaters
    The First Celebrity Exposed by the Ashley Madison Hack Is Josh Duggar Formerly of 19 Kids and Counting.
  18. hackers
    Hackers Claim They’ve Posted the Stolen Ashley Madison User DataIt hasn’t been verified, so don’t start searching for married dudes just yet. (And maybe just hold off forever.)
  19. true stories
    A Man and a Woman Tell Us Why They Went on Ashley MadisonIt’s “a playground for bored, horny middle-class men.”
  20. what goes around comes around
    Hackers Spite Millions of Private CheatersThey’re threatening to leak the personal information of 37 million Ashley Madison users if the site isn’t shut down.
  21. love bites
    Is 49 the Age Guys Are Most Likely to Cheat?According to one study, yeah. 
  22. torture typing
    Ashley Madison Sued by Profile FakerShe was asked to create 1,000 “fake female profiles” in 3 weeks.
  23. mating and dating
    Ashley Madison, Where Women Go to Act Like MenThe unfaithful, chauvinist kind of men. 
  24. adultery shopping spree
    The Preferred Fashions of Cheating WomenAccording to Ashley Madison.
  25. Lists
    Where to Eat When You’re Getting a Piece on the SideSeems the site’s users like a taste of beef before they get porking.
  26. Where Do NYC’s Ashley Madison Users Live?Park Slope, apparently!
  27. D.C. Is Apparently the Most Cheating-Friendly CityBut all those politicians seem to really love their … oh.
  28. movies
    Websites for Cheating Spouses Love Avatar Spoofs, TooAshley Madison has given its classic commercial a classy ‘Avatar’ touch.
  29. Flirting With Proprietary InformationA dating story gone wrong.