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  1. health
    Many People Who Are Diagnosed With Asthma May Not Actually Have ItA new study out of Canada found that, in a surprising number of cases, the condition was misdiagnosed.
  2. Taking Fish Oil During Pregnancy May Reduce a Child’s Risk of Asthma: StudyA new study found fish oil may be beneficial.
  3. wellness theories
    Hilaria Baldwin on Dairy, Yoga, and Bringing Her Husband to Barre“In the past when I was young and a dancer, I was so afraid of carbs.”
  4. casting
    Krysten Ritter Will Star in Directorial Debut from Dustin Hoffman’s SonAsthma, about indie rockers in New York.
  5. never forget
    Judge Rejects Settlement for Ground Zero WorkersIt should be a lot more, he said.
  6. ground zero workers
    A Settlement for Ground Zero Workers Now, But Much Lawyering Still to GoLegal fees account for at least one-third of the $675.5 million settlement.