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  1. religion
    A Rabbi and an Atheist Talk Good and Evil“There’s no data that shows that atheists are less moral than theists.”
  2. Ricky Gervais In Talks to Play the Lead Human in the New ‘Muppets’ Movie Rick Gervais is in negotiations to play the lead human role in the upcoming Muppets movie, which is slated to start filming next month, […]
  3. early and awful
    Large Swath of New York City Frowns Upon Atheist PoliticiansThirty percent of New York City adults say they’d be less likely to vote for an atheist politician. 
  4. Well-Known Atheist Sees Slavery Story As AttackPossible the reporter had an agenda.
  5. Ricky Gervais Irrefutably Proves Atheism to Strangers on Twitter[blackbirdpie id=”149841940052062208”] Oh, did you know Ricky Gervais was an atheist? Me neither! It’s not like he’s always talking about it. […]
  6. values voter summit dispatch
    Atheists Crash the Values Voter SummitAmazingly, atheists and Values Voters can co-exist.
  7. religiots
    Florida Pastor Doesn’t Get Why Atheists Aren’t Registered Like Sex OffendersIs this a common sense idea?
  8. Ricky Gervais Cements His Obsession with Atheism with His New Show […]Ricky Gervais really wants everyone to know that he’s an atheist. He’s written two op-eds for the Wall Street Journal about his atheism, made a […]
  9. early and awesome
    Scott Walker Prankster Ian Murphy on Running for Congress and Why Buffalo SucksNot your typical candidate, or your typical Q&A.
  10. Ricky Gervais Answers Questions On Being a Godless HeathenAs a followup to his WSJ op-ed about atheism, Ricky Gervais answered some readers’ questions about it. For example, when asked how a comedian […]
  11. Ricky Gervais’ Argument for AtheismIn this weekend’s Wall Street Journal, Ricky Gervais wrote a long, non-comedic piece on why he’s an atheist. You’re not going to get many […]
  12. hitch-22
    Your Faith In Christopher Hitchens Gives Him the BluesThe Hitchens brothers debate religion.