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Now the Fun Starts: Obama Goes Negative


Barack Obama's Tuesday losses were like splash of cold water on a campaign too comfortable with its recent dominance. But is the problem now going to be one of the campaigns becoming too aggressive? Yesterday, in an ominous sign, Obama adviser Samantha Power called Hillary Clinton a "monster" (read our take on that). But while that smear was immediately condemned by Obama, his political team clearly believes that he has to be more aggressive, especially in the face of stepped-up Clinton attacks that include comparing Obama to, yes, Ken Starr. Many commentators are already warning Obama to be careful as he wades into the muck.

Queens Man Now Down to Three Lives

Rasputin was, notoriously, poisoned and shot before being drowned — and they still found water in his lungs. On Tuesday, 24-year-old Anthony Albaricci did the Mad Monk one better. He was choked with a belt, stabbed with a knife, slashed with a razor, beaten with a chair, and twice run over with an SUV — and survived. Four Queens teens are charged with attempted murder and felony assault, and there's no Count Yusupov in the bunch. The foiled execution was the result of a "money dispute," according to the D.A.'s office. Oh, and if you've noticed that the above-listed litany of assaults conspicuously lacks a good old-fashioned shooting, worry not. Somewhere between the stabbing and the slashing, one of the teens allegedly tried to shoot Albaricci at point-blank range. The gun didn't go off. NYC Man Choked, Stabbed, Run Over But Doesn't Die; 4 Charged [AP via NYDN]