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  1. politics
    Report: Acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker Is a Tough GuyDuring his time working with “scam” company World Patent Marketing, Whitaker allegedly “threatened” a man over complaints against the firm.
  2. you have been squatched!
    Excuse Me, How Is the Acting Attorney General Connected to Bigfoot?Somehow, Matthew Whitaker has ties to the mythic cryptid … not to mention time travel and bitcoin.
  3. department of justice
    The New Acting Attorney General Is Suffocatingly NormalAn old tweet is worth a thousand words, or something.
  4. department of justice
    Sessions Was Loyal to Trumpism, But Not Trump, and That Was His UndoingWith a Democratic House and the Mueller investigation both looming, copacetic ideology wasn’t enough to satisfy Trump anymore.
  5. just asking questions
    Eric Holder on Rod Rosenstein, Working with Uber, and Prosecuting BankersA conversation with the former attorney general about the Russia investigation, his work with Airbnb and Uber, and his plans for 2020
  6. how i get it done
    How I Get It Done: Zephyr TeachoutThe progressive New York attorney general candidate on campaigning while pregnant and her past as a champion distance runner.
  7. Letitia James on Her Battle to Be New York’s Next Attorney GeneralThe onetime shoo-in worries that anti-Establishment fervor will undo all her dues paying.
  8. Letitia James Has Taken Control of New York’s Attorney General RaceBut there is still time for a challenger — Preet Bharara, anyone? — to emerge as New York State’s next top cop.
  9. state politics
    Will Zephyr Teachout Run for Attorney General of New York?The Cut speaks to Teachout, who just announced she’s forming an exploratory committee.
  10. Trump Bullying of Sessions Could Backfire With Republican SenatorsJeff Sessions may be Mr. Magoo to the president. But to his former colleagues in the Senate, he’s part of the club.
  11. Report: Sessions Asks Where American Terror Suspects Are ‘Originally’ FromA revealing question from the attorney general.
  12. Jeff Sessions Can’t Recall a Lot of Things“I can’t believe I can’t remember that.”
  13. Jeff Sessions Is Still Cool With Trump After Constantly Being Humiliated by HimTheir shared dark vision of the world unites them.
  14. Republicans Rally Around Jeff Sessions After Trump’s Latest AttackHe may have picked the wrong target for his outrage this time.
  15. Eric Schneiderman on Keeping Trump in Check and Maybe Investigating Russian Ties“If it’s hard to get checks on the presidency from Congress, we’re going to try to fill that space.”
  16. Chris Christie Says He’d Be Working for Trump If Not for His WifeMary Pat Christie refused to move to D.C., so her husband refused to take a job there.
  17. Jeff Sessions Makes the Case That He Is Not Too Racist to Be Attorney GeneralThe Alabama senator argues that his prosecution of black activists for voter fraud was a testament to his commitment to voting rights.
  18. Trumps Taps Jeff Sessions for Attorney General, Mike Pompeo for CIAThe first two black attorneys general will be succeeded by a man who once “joked” that his only problem with the KKK was that “they smoked pot.”
  19. Trump’s Strange and Mildly Disturbing Short List of Attorney General CandidatesThose reportedly under most active consideration are not dispelling fears of a right-wing Justice Department.
  20. What Obama’s AG Pick Could Do in FergusonIn a talk from 2000, U.S. attorney Loretta Lynch outlined her preferred tool for tackling racial injustice in the police force.
  21. Meet Loretta Lynch, Obama’s Nominee for U.S. Attorney GeneralThe front-runner to replace Eric Holder would be the first black woman to hold the job.
  22. Eric Holder Is Just About Done Being Attorney GeneralHe’ll step down as soon as a successor is in place.
  23. More Fun With Negative Advertising in the A.G. RaceEric Schneiderman really, really wants you to know that the New York ‘Times’ likes him.
  24. Is Cuomo’s Annointed AG Successor Starting to Panic?Kathleen Rice goes negative as the one primary race that matters heats up.
  25. Cuomo to Try to ‘Pick Off’ Legislators, Choose Own ReplacementGod, doesn’t he know that Democrats TALK?
  26. Andrew Cuomo Sues Bank of New York Over ‘Egregious’ Breach of Conduct in Madoff AffairThe New York Attorney General continues his crusade against financial institutions, and the English language.
  27. early and often
    Attorney General Fund-raising Race Heats UpThe race that is not yet a race is heating up.
  28. Alberto Gonzales Won’t Be Charged Over Eavesdropping TestimonyThe most serious allegations against W.’s attorney general have been dropped.
  29. Lawsuits
    Lemongrass Grill Accused of Withholding $770,000 From WorkersThe Thai restaurant’s employees were paid as little as $2.08 an hour.
  30. Andrew Cuomo’s Agreement With Carlyle Is Pretty Amazing, If He Does Say So HimselfThe Bonus Buster makes a deal.
  31. Eliot Spitzer May Want His Old AG Job BackLet’s make a list of reasons why this doesn’t feel right.
  32. Obama’s Attorney General Pick Gets Mixed ReceptionBut who HASN’T helped pardon an international fugitive?
  33. Memo to Andrew Cuomo: Change TacticsIn which we ask Andrew Cuomo to please stop tooting his own horn, and just get to work.