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  1. for sale
    Anthony Bourdain’s Possessions Will Be Auctioned Off Next MonthThe auction will benefit his family and a scholarship set up in his name at the Culinary Institute of America.
  2. fashion du jour
    Veep’s Costume Designer Looks Back on Her Favorite Selina Meyer OutfitsPlus, the best clothes up for grabs in the Veep auction.
  3. auctions
    Crack Open That 401(k): Luke Skywalker’s Lightsaber Is Going Up for Auction*Wooom wooom* sound not included.
  4. space of the week
    Rare Drawings From the Artist Behind Eloise Are Going Up for AuctionAhead of the once-in-a-lifetime sale of his work, Hilary Knight shares the story behind the painting of his fabled heroine.
  5. auctions
    An Artwork Made by Artificial Intelligence Just Sold for $400,000The painting fetched 40 times its estimate. Why?
  6. art world
    How Does the Art World Live With Itself? I Live and Breathe It and I’m Not Sure.I used to think the art world was at war with money, and vice versa. I’m starting to think we’re in a new equilibrium, defined by ambivalence.
  7. art
    The de Koonings in the Storage LockerWhether or not they are authentic, they are for sale.
  8. gallery
    The Stories Behind Audrey Hepburn’s Most Treasured PossessionsChristie’s told us the stories behind her favorite pen, purse, and ballet slippers.
  9. gallery
    The ‘Godfather of Hair Color’ Reflects on His Collection of Iconic PhotographsLeland Hirsch speaks about his connection to photographs by Peter Beard, Helmut Newton, Irving Penn, and more.
  10. auctions
    You Can Now Be the Proud Owner of One of the Naked Trump StatuesFor several thousand dollars.
  11. Kelly Carlin Is Ready for Her Next RideFor most people, walking the circuitous path of mourning the loss of a parent is challenging. Kelly Carlin has been on a particularly powerful […]
  12. golden globes 2018
    34 Time’s Up Dresses Will Be Auctioned Off on eBayWho wants to own Meryl Streep’s Vera Wang dress?
  13. game of pitts
    Brad Pitt Was Sadly Outbid to Watch Game of Thrones With Emilia Clarke$120,000 wasn’t enough for the auction gods.
  14. amateur hour
    Trump and JFK’s Masterpieces Are Going Head-to-Head in an Art AuctionThey’re inspired by cityscapes.
  15. personal effects
    What to Buy From the Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds AuctionThe treasures of Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds are going for pretty reasonable prices.
  16. auctions
    Madonna’s ‘Like a Virgin’ Corset Sold at Auction for $19K, But May Be FakeThe designer claims there is only one that she sewed herself.
  17. theft
    Madonna Claims Tupac Prison Letter Was Stolen From Her HomeShe’s filed a court order to have the auction selling her personal items blocked.
  18. sad!
    Want to Buy a Used Hotel Bed From the Failed Trump Taj Mahal?The Atlantic City casino is having a liquidation sale.
  19. the man who sold the art
    David Bowie’s Art Collection Auctions for $30 MillionThe late singer and performer’s collection netted double the expected amount.
  20. mad auctions
    Some Delightful Literary Weirdo Just Bought Truman Capote’s Ashes for $45,000To go in the shrine?
  21. going once twice sold
    Someone Paid $10,000 for a Set of Four Seasons AshtraysOther outrageous buys included $7,000 for bread baskets and $30,000 for chairs with “assorted surface scratches.”
  22. kind of creepy
    You Can Now Buy Two Locks of Marilyn Monroe’s Hair for Just $8,000Seems reasonable.
  23. art auctions
    For $13 Million, David Bowie’s Elusive Art Collection Could Be YoursMore than 400 works owned by Bowie will go on display at Sotheby’s in November, and then up for auction.
  24. space of the week
    How to Outfit Your Dining Room in True Mid-Century Style On July 26, the furnishings and tableware of the legendary Four Seasons restaurant will go on the block through Wright auction house.
  25. $$$$$
    Prince’s Purple Rain Ruffled Shirt, Blazer SoldFor a very cool $96,000 each.
  26. shopping list
    It’s Time to Act Out Your Don Draper FantasiesWith great accuracy.
  27. pope francis
    Car Used by Pope Francis in New York Sells for $300,000 at AuctionIt comes with 15-inch aluminum alloy wheels, an Alpine premium sound system, and a blessing from the archbishop.
  28. impulse buys
    Go Buy Prince’s Wedding China Right NowWhat else are you going to eat off of?
  29. auctions
    Prince’s Engagement Ring, Handcuffs AuctionedHis ex-wife, Mayte Garcia, and ex-manager are selling a bunch of Prince’s valuables.
  30. imagine no possessions
    A Lock of John Lennon’s Hair Sold for $35KThe 4-inch lock of hair was cut in 1967.
  31. tastemakers
    The Fashion Editor Kondo-ing Her TreasuresJoan Juliet Buck has been collecting the best of art and fashion for years.
  32. auctions
    Tony Soprano’s White F*cking Cadillac Escalade Sells for F*cking $119,780Fuggedaboutit.
  33. auctions
    Would You Drop $60,000 on Kurt Cobain’s Ratty Old Cardigan?For sale: old sweater, lightly worn.
  34. Sink Your Teeth In
    The World’s Most Expensive Cracker Just Sold for $23,000It survived the sinking of the Titanic.
  35. Blinged-Out Paintings in Sotheby’s Money AuctionBecause what does the art world love even more than art? Money!
  36. art
    ‘One of the Greatest Moments in Auction History’The record-breaking shopping spree included a $179 million Picasso and a $140 million Giacometti.
  37. Auctioneering School Courses, by Alonso CisnerosGentleman in the Back 101. Introductory course to the gentleman in the back. The class will culminate in learning the name of this man, his […]
  38. impulse buys
    Buy These Gilded Items From Oprah’s Chicago HomeAll of Oprah’s favorite things must go!
  39. Truffle Shuffle
    ‘World’s Largest’ Truffle Will Be Auctioned in New York CityThe starting bid will be $60,000.
  40. design hunting
    Preview: Bunny Mellon’s Sotheby’s AuctionOver 2,000 items, mostly from her storied estate, Oak Spring Farm, in Upperville, Virginia.
  41. memorabilia
    Today People Will Bid on Marlene Dietrich’s Iconic TuxedoStarting at $25,000.
  42. auctions
    Jackie O’s Dior Bag Just Sold for $31,250At an auction in L.A.
  43. Good Cookies
    Someone Paid $6,500 for a Box of Dominique Ansel’s Cookie ShotsThe price included a shot with the baker himself.
  44. Auctions
    Pastis’s Kitchen Equipment Goes Up for Auction TodaySeveral pieces of history are up for grabs.
  45. Stiff Drinks
    Whisky From SS Politician Shipwreck Up for AuctionJust don’t drink it.
  46. other royal weddings
    The Beckham ‘Wedding Crown’ Failed to SellWomp womp.
  47. it's vintage
    Used Princess Di Clothes Sell for $140,000Even with moth holes.
  48. Opening Bid
    Cronut Box Wears a Wig for a Good CauseExcuse me, but there are several hairs on my cronut.
  49. other royal weddings
    The Beckhams Are Selling Their ‘Wedding Crown’Wait, their what?
  50. national treasures
    No One Wants to Buy George Washington’s Thanksgiving ProclamationDue to lack of treasure map, probably.
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