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Awkward Moments In Social Media

  1. awkward moments in social media
    A Couple Broke Up in Burger King’s Instagram CommentsThose Whoppers probably weren’t worth it. (Or were they?)
  2. awkward moments in social media
    Tina Knowles-Lawson Is Taking Social Media Break After an Accidental ‘Like’Fans thought she was throwing shade at Jennifer Hudson when she liked a user’s comment saying the singer sounded “horrible.”
  3. awkward moments in social media
    Nicholas Kirkwood Has Yet to Visit His Own Facebook PageBut he is excited to do so!
  4. awkward moments in social media
    Alexander Wang Joined Instagram Just This WeekendFashionably late.
  5. awkward moments in social media
    Orly’s 12 Years a Slave Misses the PointDid they really have to give the hand model a bottle of brown polish?
  6. Twitter’s AIDS Joke-Maker Justine Sacco Is Very Sorry, EveryoneIt was “a needless and careless tweet.”
  7. Twitter Spent Last Night Eviscerating Justine Sacco [Updated]A tale of racism, stupidity, and the Internet.
  8. HMV Employees Go on Twitter Rampage While Being FiredA lesson in how not to fire people.