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Ayelet Waldman

  1. comfort and joy
    The Season for Social-Media Self-LoathingOne woman showed us the way everyone feels at the holidays.
  2. having it all
    Hillary Clinton on Marriage: YOLOAnd on Anne-Marie Slaughter: “I can’t stand whining.”
  3. secretary of awesome
    Maybe Hillary Clinton Was Not Chased Out of Malawi by Killer BeesThe writer Ayelet Waldman, who was there, has the real story.
  4. the way we argue now
    Ayelet Waldman Is Stirring the Pot on Twitter AgainThis time it’s about bake sales.
  5. the internet
    Author Ayelet Waldman Takes HPV Talk to Twitter [Updated]Her personal anecdote gave way to one hell of a Twitter dialogue.
  6. announcements
    Welcome to Wetlands and the Vulture Reading Room’New York’ book critic Sam Anderson has convened a roundtable of literary luminaries to discuss ‘Wetlands,’ a novel that brims over with sex talk and bodily fluids.
  7. news reel
    A Vote for Obama Is a Vote for Michael Chabon
  8. cultural capital
    Michael Chabon, Defender of the AcknowledgmentLast week, Times books reporter Julie Bosman took a swipe at Norman Mailer’s Aeneid-length acknowledgments. In today’s letter column, Pulitzer-winning novelist Michael Chabon presents a defense: Here’s a crazy reason your article did not mention for including an acknowledgment at the end of your novel: to acknowledge. If there is some kind of old-fashioned virtue in concealing one’s debt to and gratitude for the hard work of others, it’s difficult for me to see where it lies. But of course Chabon approves of the public airing of private gratitude. He’s married, after all, to novelist Ayelet Waldman, who famously published a certain delightful bit in a March 2005 “Modern Love” column. What did she have to say?