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Bachmann Ambition Overdrive

  1. Former Michele Bachmann Staffers Pile On During Ethics ProbeNotes from a doomed campaign.
  2. Bachmann Cancels on Piers Morgan, Morgan Wonders If It’s His AccentWhy are all these Republicans suddenly bailing on me?”
  3. President Obama Praises Huma Abedin He called Huma Abedin “an American patriot.”
  4. Clinton Defends Aide, Says Bachmann’s Attacks ‘Have No Place in Our Politics’Hillary has no tolerance for right-wing conspiracies.
  5. Muslim Brotherhood Also Thinks Bachmann’s McCarthyist Accusation Is CrazyThe Muslim Brotherhood can’t even penetrate the Egyptian government.”
  6. House Intel Committee Members Criticize BachmannMost don’t seem to think Huma Abedin is a spy for the Muslim Brotherhood. 
  7. Michele Bachmann: No Longer a Swiss CitizenSo long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen, good night.
  8. Michele Bachmann Just Became a Swiss CitizenYes, she’s still a U.S. citizen.
  9. bachmann ambition overdrive
    You Blew It, America“America had their chance with the perfect candidate.”
  10. In Memoriam: Michele Bachmann’s Presidential CampaignJune 27, 2011–January 4, 2012
  11. Michele Bachmann Is Dropping Out of the GOP Race [Updated]I have decided to stand aside,” she said in a speech today.
  12. Michele Bachmann Is ‘Fully Aware That We Do Not Have an Embassy in Iran’Hooray!
  13. Michele Bachmann Plays GOP Word Game on FallonShe associates “Romney” with “Vice-President” and forgets the third word for “Perry.”
  14. Michele Bachmann Wants James Garfield and Calvin Coolidge on Mount RushmoreUm … what?
  15. Bachmann New Hampshire Aide Goes to PerryAfter a mass resignation.
  16. Michele Bachmann’s New Hampshire Staff Bailed [Updated]Iowa is her only hope.
  17. Michele Bachmann Is Unhappy That American Troops Have Been Sent to Both Libya and AfricaShe’s still not great with geography.
  18. Michele Bachmann Flees Liberal Arts StudentsThey just wanted to learn more about her views.
  19. Michele Bachmann Floats Another Dubious TheoryAfter all, it’s been weeks since the HPV thing.
  20. Michele Bachmann Rattled by Tough Interview With Jay LenoPoor thing.
  21. Is the Bachmann Campaign Broke?We’re just saying, this web video … is terrible.
  22. bachmann ambition overdrive
    ‘Not scripted.’“This is the nail in the coffin in her campaign.”
  23. Michele Bachmann Reveals That She Is Not a Doctor, ScientistAnd has “no idea” whether Gardasil can make someone mentally retarded.
  24. Marcus Bachmann Is Trying Too HardInappropriate.
  25. Debunking Michele Bachmann’s HPV Vaccine AnecdoteBachmann says Gardasil, a vaccine mandated by Rick Perry, can cause mental retardation. But can it?
  26. Ladies and Gentlemen: Michele Bachmann OverdriveThe band.
  27. Meet Keith Nahigian, Michele Bachmann’s New Campaign ManagerHe’s got a youthful indiscretion in his past.
  28. This Is How Michele Bachmann Will Duck Tough Questions at Tonight’s GOP DebateSpoiler alert!
  29. Michele Bachmann Lauds Michele Bachmann’s Sense of HumorShe was totally joking about that deadly hurricane, you guys!
  30. Michele Bachmann Said ‘Hombre-ette,’ for Some ReasonNo, that is not a word.
  31. Michele Bachmann’s Security Crew Is ‘Physically Aggressive’Not a major surprise.
  32. Meet Peter Waldron, the Former Ugandan Prisoner and Accused Spy Working for Michele Bachmann in IowaOh boy.
  33. Michele Bachmann Wishes Elvis Presley a Happy DeathdayWhoops!
  34. Michele Bachmann’s Family Rats Her OutThey snitched to Politico that Bachmann wasn’t at a family reunion as she claimed.
  35. Michele Bachmann: DivaShe “campaigned like a celebrity” in Waterloo, Iowa. And not in a good way.
  36. Tina Brown Should Have Thought Harder About the Cover for Newsweek’s Michele Bachmann IssueThe Internet helpfully re-imagines it.
  37. Michele Bachmann’s Eyes Are a Full-Blown Internet Thing NowHot Chicks With Michele Bachmann’s Eyes.”
  38. Tina Brown Says Her Newsweek Cover Conveys Michele Bachmann’s ‘Intensity’Heh. Right.
  39. Inside the ‘Barbie Jet’ With Michele Bachmann and the Silver FoxBand name? Or details from a meaty ‘New Yorker’ profile on the candidate?
  40. Michele Bachmann Fears the End of Light Bulbs As We Know ThemSustainability” is a dirty word.
  41. Michele Bachmann Has No Understanding of the Fourteenth Amendment ArgumentObama would have the power to unilaterally collect taxes? WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?
  42. Michele Bachmann Might Like Criticizing Federal Home Loans, But She Didn’t Mind Taking One OutThe biggest possible one she could get, in fact.
  43. Michele Bachmann’s Home District Is a Nexus for Teen SuicideGay kids, or kids perceived to be gay, are having a really hard time there.
  44. Michele Bachmann’s Doctor to the RescueHer doctor released a note today to quiet questions about her migraines.
  45. Definitive Proof Michele Bachmann Is at Least a Little Crazy and Mildly Un-AmericanHer favorite food is celery.
  46. Michele Bachmann Beats the PressHer security team allegedly roughed up a reporter from ABC News.
  47. Is the Daily Caller’s Michele Bachmann Migraine Story Sexist?Is she “incapacitated” by them?
  48. Michele Bachmann Left Her Church a Few Days Before Announcing Her CandidacyThe one that thinks the Pope is the Antichrist.
  49. Blogger Who Posted Marcus Bachmann’s ‘Barbarians’ Remark: ‘I Didn’t Doctor a Damn Thing’He says Bachmann is lying.
  50. Michele Bachmann Is Perfectly Comfortable With YiddishDo they do nails at the Choot Spa?
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