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Bad Asses

  1. wonder women
    Pregnant Olympic Runner Alysia Montaño Is a Real Wonder WomanShe ran the Track and Field Nationals while five-months pregnant.
  2. badasses
    The Walking Dead’s Glenn Is the Best Boyfriend in the Zombie ApocalypseThe biggest babe in zombieland.
  3. 2016 olympics
    South Korea Would Definitely Win The Hunger GamesIf Olympic archery is any indication.
  4. badasses
    Charlize Theron Wants a Mad Max SequelPOWERRRRR.
  5. party chats
    The Actresses of Ash vs. Evil Dead Love Playing Badasses“I do consider her a Lady Ash.”
  6. badasses
    Woman Uses Medieval Combat Skills, Vintage Sword to Battle IntruderNo damsels in distress here.
  7. riot!
    Meet Julia Cumming, Teen Rocker and YSL MuseSunflower Bean’s lead singer talked to us about modeling, blonde hair, and the new sound of grunge.
  8. super bowl ads
    You Probably Missed the Craziest Super Bowl AdIt goes full badass.
  9. trailer park
    Bad Asses Trailer: Danny Trejo Is Still KickingNow with a cranky old friend.
  10. sad things
    Oldest New York Marathoner Dies a Day After FallJoy Johnson was 86.
  11. badasses
    SVU’s Mariska Hargitay Makes Rape-Kit DocumentaryDetective Benson to the rescue.
  12. cabinet concerns
    Would Sally Jewell Be Obama’s Most Badass Cabinet Member?Ten impressive facts about Obama’s nominee for secretary of the Interior.
  13. photo op
    President Obama Lives on the EdgeHe did a Twitter chat today with an unplugged laptop.
  14. new york stories
    Conductor Throws a Punch Before Philharmonic PerformanceHe said it’s “not a big deal”!
  15. obama is a human person
    Barack Obama, Basketball Badass?The White House spin on the Elbow Incident of 2010.