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  1. Trump Plans Farm Bailout to Deal With Backlash to His Trade WarSince Trump’s trade war hasn’t been “easy,” and foreign retaliation is hitting farm states, he’s resorting to some democratic socialism.
  2. TARP Inspector’s Exit Interview: Big Banks Are Bigger, Main Street Got ScrewedNeil Barofsky, not a huge TARP fan.
  3. Is Ireland Patient X for the Next Financial Contagion?Things don’t look good for Spain or Portugal.
  4. GM: Not A Bad Investment!It looks like the taxpayers might make money off the bailout.
  5. Socialist Overlords Prepare Schedule for the Sale of GMThe car giant is valued at $50 billion.
  6. In an Effort to Shake Off Government Control, GM Files for an IPOThe company expects to raise between $10 billion and $15 billion.