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Ballsy State Senators

  1. Bloomberg Helping Out Shunned Republicans Who Supported Gay MarriageConservative groups upstate are not pleased, but equality advocates are still donating.
  2. Separate Trials for Carl Kruger and His Buddy in Corruption CaseTrouble in paradise!
  3. Feds: Pedro Espada Cheated on His Taxes TooThis guy just can’t win.
  4. Post: Carl Kruger Collaborated on Bribes With Gay LoverThis is a guy who voted against gay marriage, remember.
  5. State Senator Carl Kruger Charged With Receiving Over $1 Million in Bribes Over the Past DecadeAnd the third amigo falls.
  6. oh albany!
    Pedro Espada Pleads Not Guilty to Embezzlement ChargesSigh.
  7. Not a Good News Day for ‘Amigos’ Carl Kruger and Pedro EspadaThe ‘Post’ takes on two of Albany’s most embattled pols this morning.
  8. Pedro Espada Is the City’s Top LittererIs there any petty crime this guy can’t excel at?
  9. Pedro Espada Throws $17,000 Check at Fruits and VegetablesA pattern emerges.
  10. Pedro Espada’s Ringtone Is ‘Eye of the Tiger’Because he’s the underdog, see?
  11. Pedro Espada Decides Not to Throw Money at TailorAllegedly, Espada decided he didn’t want to pay for his $1,200 suits.
  12. Pedro Espada Literally Throws Money at His ProblemsYesterday, those problems were protesters.
  13. State Senator Just Looked at Porn for a Couple of Seconds During Abortion DebateAnd then a video of a dog shaking itself dry.
  14. Man of the People Pedro Espada Paid Janitors $1.70 an HourBecause they were “training.”
  15. Is Hiram Monserrate Just Running Against Gay People Now?And will that work?
  16. Judge Denies Hiram Monserrate’s Bid to Remain in State SenateMonserrate is expected to appeal.
  17. Security Beefed Up for State Senate’s Monserrate VoteHis fate will be decided today.
  18. Hiram Monserrate Compares Self to Murdered Civil-Rights WorkersBecause they were convicted girlfriend-slashers, too.
  19. State Senate Panel Wants Monserrate Expelled, Or CensuredExpelled seems like the right choice.
  20. State Senate Set to Spank Hiram MonserrateHe may even get expelled.
  21. oh albany!
    Cracks Forming Between Albany’s ‘Four Amigos’A canceled celebratory dinner reveals some inner conflict in the controversial group.
  22. Hiram Monserrate Still Roaming the StreetsA judge spares him jail time.
  23. ballsy state senators
    Monserrate Committee Lacks Latinos and Legitimacy, Opponents SayRuben Diaz Sr. leads the way, as expected.
  24. Nonwhite People Agree: Monserrate Should Go AwayRacial tensions enter the debate over the future of Hiram Monserrate.
  25. Hiram Monserrate’s Girlfriend Wants To Get Back to Decorating His ApartmentAnd shopping. And just sitting at home.
  26. Hiram Monserrate and His Girlfriend Are Getting Married!L’chaim!