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    Who Needs Bankers When You Have Robots?They have already invaded the market. Their total victory is where things get interesting.
  2. love and war
    Real Wall Street Women on How Banks Deal With Pregnancy“My friends hid their pregnancies until the fifth or sixth month if they could.”
  3. wolves
    Where Are All the She-Wolves of Wall Street?Equal-opportunity villainy.
  4. men's beauty
    Five Real-Life Patrick Batemans and Their Grooming Routines“I’m going to be a fucking vampire.”
  5. Onward
    Have the Bankers Forgiven Batali?Or are they too rich to remember?
  6. Manhattan Madam’s Accomplice Mulls Turning Herself In Claims she’s been on vacation, only just checked the news.
  7. Accused Manhattan Madam Has a Friend at Morgan Stanley [Updated]He’s been identified as a broker named David Walker.
  8. I-Bankers Struggle to Send Their Kids to School on $1.6 MillionPretax.
  9. Report Can’t Confirm What Words Bankers Used to Describe Reform, But Can Assure Us They Were Not NiceCockiness and disdain at Davos.
  10. Attention, CBS Students: ‘Do Not Smother the Bankers’!Especially if you’re wearing a strong cologne.
  11. Bankers Accept That They Will ‘Never Be Loved’Just pay them and they’ll be happy.
  12. Banker Saves Septuagenarian Trapped in Corn SiloReally? What is going on.
  13. Bankers Rescue Children From Burning BuildingOr so they SAY.
  14. Fifteen-Year-Old Goddess Eyes Banking CareerFurther proof that the death of Wall Street has been highly exaggerated.
  15. Now Kenneth Feinberg Is Making It Impossible for Bankers to Get DivorcedWhy does the government have to meddle in everything?
  16. Commuters Grateful to Snowstorm for Keeping Them Away From Stifling Suburban LivesExpect an uptick in “Get warm on a cold night” ads in Casual Encounters.
  17. Young Banker Likens Work Creating Synthetic CDOs to Fighting in VietnamIt’s not a good war, but they tell you to shoot. You shoot.”
  18. Bankers Coping With Recession by Beating the Crap Out of Each Other“Some days, fighting is the only thing holding them together.”
  19. Our Long National ‘Frugal Fatigue’ Nightmare is Almost OverBut who will buy the first big necklace?
  20. white men with money
    Naughty Bankers Need Love, TooWall Street professionals have affairs “to feel loved,” according to a survey.
  21. bankers
    The Dancing Baby BankerWatch an animation based on this week’s cover story about the fight over AIG bonuses.
  22. Who’s Stealing Americans’ Jobs Now?Another reason to be annoyed at the finance professionals who got us into the recession.
  23. Lehman Brothers Annoys Us Even From the Great BeyondPeople are making lots of money off of liquidating the fallen investment firm.
  24. Ad Rallies Rage At Bankers, But Who’s Behind It?Scottish and Newcastle’s new viral ad makes fun of bankers, but the joke’s on us.
  25. In Argentina, Laid-Off Bankers Can Be Superheroes AgainAfter the indignity of of being laid off from their high-paying jobs as masters of the universe, many bankers are finding themselves in Latin America.
  26. Banker Who Stole Millions on Why Fraud Is Rampant in IndustryWe feel like we can take risks that other people don’t even dream to do.”
  27. Dress Codes
    Soho House Frowns on SuitsPlus, you can apparently walk into Mars Bar wearing a pink sweater and get away with it.
  28. We’re Suspicious of This Video of a Banker Saving Adorable Fuzzy Ducklings From DeathFirst of all, how is it that this daring one-man rescue was filmed? From MULTIPLE ANGLES?
  29. London Bankers Are ‘No Pansies’… they say while wearing hand-stitched bespoke suits.
  30. Citigroup Gave Glorified Starbucks Cards to Employees and Some People Are Mad About ItInstead of taking them on a vacation, as they normally do, Citigroup this year gave the highest-performing traders in their one profitable unit gift cards worth between $1,000 and $3,000. Cue the populist outrage!
  31. Beautiful Banker David Webb’s Life, in BriefParsifal, parsed.
  32. Bankers in Crisis!The financial crisis has taken a psychological, as well as monetary, toll.