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  1. democratic primaries
    In Delaware, It’s the Year of White Male Centrist Career Politician Tom CarperA lot of observers smelled an upset brewing in Delaware, but Sen. Tom Carper overwhelmed his progressive challenger with money and a personal touch.
  2. 2008
    We Are Still Living in the Ruins of the 2008 CrashTen years after Wall Street’s doomsday, how the financial meltdown broke the modern world and left us living in this one.
  3. The Democratic Party Is Moving Left – Except When You’re Not LookingSenate Democrats’ support for an indefensible bank bill shows that when public interest is low, Wall Street can still run Team Blue’s show.
  4. Democrats to Gut Banking Regulations, for Bipartisanship’s SakeIn the Senate, lawmakers put aside their differences, and work together to help banks abuse consumers and jeopardize our financial system.
  5. who among us?
    Woman Accused of Withdrawing From ATM That Gave Her $100s Instead of $5sThe bank is suing her for apparently discovering a magical ATM.
  6. California Attorney General Begins Wells Fargo Criminal ProbeThe bank is being investigated for criminal identity theft.
  7. Why It’s Unlikely Anyone Will Go to Jail Over Wells Fargo’s Massive Fraud SchemeThe Department of Justice has established a pattern on this sort of thing.
  8. Alt-Pop-Star Banks on Finding Her Way in FashionHer new album comes out this September.
  9. Clinton VP Favorite Just Gave the Left Two More Reasons to Distrust HimOn Monday, Virginia senator Tim Kaine signed on to two letters calling on the federal government to scale back regulations on community and regional banks.
  10. GOP Platform to Call for Breaking Up the Big Banks, Trump Campaign SaysTrump campaign manager Paul Manafort derides Hillary Clinton as a Wall Street lackey and says the GOP platform will call for reinstating Glass-Steagall.
  11. Citi: The Global Economy Is Trapped in a ‘Death Spiral’The bank predicts a coming “Oilmageddon” if policymakers don’t change course.
  12. The Average Out-of-Network ATM Fee Is Now $4.35Absurd.
  13. q&a
    Meet Banks, Fashion’s Favorite New SingerShe talks sensitivity, skin care, and getting kicked out of a German fruit stand.
  14. Bank Claims Georgia Woman Somehow Owes It $300 MillionShe … doesn’t. 
  15. Lawsuits Allege Racism at Bank of America and Cantor FitzgeraldAllegations include the use of “monkey noises.”
  16. Brian Moynihan Slickly Ignores Bra-Baring Hecklers at Banking TalkAs I said,” the BofA CEO deadpanned, and the crowd went wild.
  17. Free ATMs Could Take Over NYCFees would be replaced by ads.
  18. Bank Fees Are Hiding EverywhereThey have to earn money somehow.
  19. Mediavore
    Nonprofits Struggle to Keep the Poor and Hungry Fed; Pregnant Beyonce CravesPlus: Bloggers change the face of food reviews; and Mediterranean cuisine is having a moment, all in our morning news roundup.
  20. After Three Years, U.S. Getting Around to Suing Some Banks [Updated]Bank of America, JPMorgan, Goldman, Deutsche, etc.
  21. Bank of America CEO Warns of LayoffsAnd there could be more to come.
  22. JPMorgan Chase Settles Bond-Rigging Case for $228 MillionWhat? Nothing happened.
  23. HSBC Settles for $62.5 Million in Madoff Suit, Won’t Admit WrongdoingThe bank will pony up cash to Madoff’s victims but won’t admit that it knew what it probably should have known.
  24. Moody’s to Congress: No, Seriously, Raise the Debt CeilingOr we’ll lower your credit rating!
  25. Jamie Dimon Is Now the Highest-Paid Bank CEO in AmericaHe got a 51 percent raise last year to take home $23 million.
  26. Jamie Dimon Thinks the SEC Should Slow Its Roll Before It ‘Damages America’Actually they’re doing just fine.
  27. Jamie Dimon’s House Is in Order, He Can’t Say the Same for Everyone Else’sI’m not as worried about JPMorgan as I am about our industry and our country,” the CEO says.
  28. WikiLeaks Gets Handed Secrets on Thousands of Swiss Bank AccountsLots more secrets!
  29. U.S. Treasury Will Sell Remaining Citigroup SharesCiti doesn’t need us anymore.
  30. Bruce Willis Promises the People of Moscow He Will Never Drop DeadThe ‘Die Hard’ star becomes the face of a Russian bank.
  31. Big Banks Don’t Pay Like They Used ToUnless you include Bank of America.
  32. The Government Is Not Happy With the Banks and Their Third-Quarter ProfitsThe New York Fed tells the banks to take back their crappy mortgages, while the White House finishes one big investigation and starts another.
  33. Bank of America Says Bank of America Does Not Make MistakesAfter reviewing over 100,000 documents, it “insisted that it had not found a single example where a foreclosure proceeding was brought in error.”
  34. There’s a Difference Between a Ponzi Scheme and a Bank SchemeA JPMorgan executive explains.
  35. Wake Up and Smell the Foreclosure CrisisBank stocks plunge after investors (belatedly?) realize the housing market might be royally screwed.
  36. Banker Boot Camp Trains Wall Street’s Next GenerationAttendees at a “Training the Street” workshop race to complete spreadsheets and price Hermès.
  37. Queens Bank Robbers Make It Easy for CopsThey left their wigs and sunglasses in the car.
  38. Barclays Executives Found Going Through Lehman’s Books to Be a Bloodcurdling ExperienceLehman’s books were in such a mess that I don’t think they knew where they were.”
  39. Columbia President Lee Bollinger to Run New York FedHe’ll start January 1.
  40. Bankers Accept That They Will ‘Never Be Loved’Just pay them and they’ll be happy.
  41. Banks May Beat Congress Into Repealing $19 Billion TaxThanks, Scott Brown.
  42. Banks Back in Control of the SituationFor the financial industry, things are finally starting to get back to normal.
  43. Jamie Dimon vs. John Varley: ‘Two Big-time Bankers in a Very Big Dispute’CEOs haggle over billions.
  44. Florida Scofflaws: We Were Taken Advantage of by Elitist New York PaperForeclosed-upon Florida homeowners object to their characterization of themselves.
  45. Bank of America Pays $108 Million Fine for Troublemaking CountrywideAdd it to their tab.
  46. Chamillionaire Is Latest Victim of Down Housing MarketRapper says his $2 chamillion house is now worthless.
  47. Homeowners Who Refuse to Pay Mortgages May Be First Genuine Heroes of the RecessionSome homeowners are opting to put their money into the economy instead of giving it back to the banks.
  48. President Obama Has Party, Does Not Invite Former Best BankerBurn.
  49. Credit Rating Agencies to Face CurbsSenate approves provision creating overseeing board.
  50. Brian Moynihan Replaces Jamie Dimon As Obama’s Favorite BankerThe president has reportedly traded the demanding, prickly banker for a “fresh face.” Men.
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