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  1. art du jour
    Some Drunk Arsehole Tried to Destroy a Banksy MuralSeasons greetings from Wales.
  2. art du jour
    A Wild Art Goose Chase in Belgium Ends With Banksy Works in the SlammerAll 58 of them!
  3. shredding
    Banksy Claims That Painting Was Supposed to Be Totally Shredded“In rehearsals it worked every time.”
  4. reboots
    Banksy’s ‘Self-Destructed’ Painting Is Reborn As a New WorkAnd the winning bidder is keeping the piece, strips and all.
  5. pranks
    Hell Yeah: Banksy Painting Self-Destructs After Selling for Over $1 Million“Girl with a Balloon” was torn into strips by a shredder mounted in its frame, which, you have to admit, is hilarious.
  6. banksy
    Is This the True Identity of Banksy?Mystery solved?
  7. banksy
    Banksy’s Newest Piece Is a West Bank Hotel With a Remote-Controlled PianoDon’t ask how it works.
  8. Scientists in London Have New Evidence on Bansky’s IdentityBut they’re more interested in tracking terrorists.
  9. possibilities
    People Dare to Imagine That Banksy, Like God, Is a WomanSacrilege.
  10. Banksy Looks Back on His Month in New YorkRemember that?
  11. art auctions
    Banksy’s NYC Works Had a Poor Showing at AuctionThey didn’t sell.
  12. The Original Buyer of Banksy’s Nazi Thrift-Store Painting Bailed [Updated]This is what happens when everyone is anonymous.
  13. Banksy Balloons Held As Official Police EvidenceWe can’t quit you, Banksy.
  14. Banksy’s Nazi-Adorned Thrift Store Painting Bagged $615,000 for Housing WorksThe windfall of The Banality of the Banality of Evil.
  15. The Banksy Tour of New York City: Interactive MapWith before and after GIFs!
  16. art
    Banksy Put a Nazi Painting in a Thrift Shop for CharityIt will be auctioned starting at $76,000.
  17. Banksy Hates One World Trade Center, CanadaAccording to his rejected New York Times op-ed.
  18. seeing out loud
    Jerry Saltz on New York Graffiti Artists, Banksy, and Al Jazeera Fear“People like Banksy because other people have liked Banksy.”
  19. Banksy Is Either Scared of the Cops or Taking Art to the Next LevelNo public piece today.
  20. Banksy’s Latest: A Miniature Sphinx in a PuddleHere’s what that looks like. 
  21. Fake Banksys Easily Outsell Real Banksys Art.
  22. A Least a Couple of Banksy’s New York Pieces Will Not Be Destroyed Dogs can’t be allowed to pee on all of them.
  23. I’m the Accidental Owner of a BanksyA landlord faces vandals, tourists, and questions of what to do next.
  24. Life Imitates Banksy Art Imitating LifeJust look. 
  25. There Goes Bill de Blasio’s Hipster CredHe doesn’t know about Banksy.
  26. Mayor Bloomberg Does Not Care for This Banksy VandalismBut “nobody’s a bigger supporter of the arts than I am.”
  27. treasure hunts
    Banksy Is in Town, and He Could Make You Rich, Rich, RichA treasure hunt for all New Yorkers.
  28. Terrorist Dog Pees on Banksy 9/11 TributeAmazing photo. 
  29. Banksy’s Latest Work Got Tagged on VideoBy a territorial local tagger.
  30. Stuffed Animals
    Banksy’s Sirens of the Lamb Truck Makes Babies CryMeat is murder, says Banksy (with puppets).
  31. Given the Chance to Buy a $60 Banksy, Most Don’tThe artist set up a sidewalk stall with few visitors.
  32. Entrepreneurial Brooklynites Charging to See Public Banksy WorkNew York City, America.
  33. Banksy Work Washed Away in Williamsburg, TooBanksy goes to Brooklyn.
  34. New Banksy Work in NYC Vandalized, Erased Right AwayAs expected.
  35. Art Bites
    Stefan Richter Buys a BanksyThe Top Chef brought the artist’s Grannies home for his collection.
  36. art
    Two Banksy Pieces From the West Bank Are Now For SaleComplete with bullet holes and real dust.
  37. Banksy Chimes In on Phone-Hacking ScandalThe English artist has some public wordplay for Murdoch and Co.
  38. clickables
    See Banksy’s Oscar TributeIt’s a reference to the little girl who dropped her father’s ‘King’s Speech’ Oscar.
  39. Mediavore
    The World’s Most Expensive Dishes; Angelenos Don’t All Scream For Breast Milk66% of those polled in L.A. would refuse a scoop of the stuff, while a $180 sandwich is being sold in England.
  40. banksy
    It May Be Time to Accept That Exit Through the Gift Shop Is RealThe L.A. ‘Times’ investigated Mr. Brainwash, and everything checks out.
  41. errors in judgment
    Banksy’s Not Going to Be Allowed Onstage at the OscarsEven if his movie wins. Disguises are not dignified!
  42. clickables
    See Banksy and/or Mr. Brainwash’s Oscar MuralThat figure looks like Banksy.
  43. Simpsons Executive Producer Talks About Banksy’s Couch GagLongtime Simpsons Executive Producer Al Jean on last night’s Banksy couch gag: “We were thrilled. It was funny, I watched Mad Men last night […]
  44. tv
    Simpsons Producer on Banksy Gag: ‘95% of It Is Just the Way He Wanted’“I’ll just say, [the original version] was even a little sadder.”
  45. Banksy’s Incredibly Dark Simpsons Couch GagOn last night’s episode of The Simpsons, they invited infamous graffiti artist Banksy to storyboard and direct an extended couch gag. In it, it […]
  46. the simpsons
    Banksy Tags ‘The Simpsons’The British graffiti artist takes control of the classic opening sequence. He adds some spray-paint, and an extra minute.
  47. art
    Watch Banksy’s ‘Reconditioned Dolphin Ride’Banksy accessorized a child’s electronic dolphin ride with a ‘BP’ oil drum and a tuna net.
  48. charades
    Is Banksy’s Mr. Brainwash an Art-World Borat?“Playing a joke on the art market? But the art market, is it a joke?”
  49. gossipmonger
    Vincent Gallo Would Rather Have Lots of Fancy Shoes Than One Fancy PaintingAnd more “they’re just like us” celebrity nuggets, in today’s gossip roundup.
  50. movies
    Watch the First Five Minutes of Banksy’s Street-Art Documentary, Exit Through the Gift ShopThe movie currently has a 100 percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes.
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