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Your Apartment Hunt: Now With Supermodels!

Petra Nemcova is trying her hand at selling real estate, and Howard Stern and Jay-Z split over the Democratic presidential candidates. That and more in our daily gossip roundup.

Lindsay Lohan Is Getting a New Parent Figure!

He's getting married, and so, too, might John Mayer and Jennifer Aniston, if he continues to not dance with other ladies at clubs. Read all about it in our daily gossip roundup.

Live-Blogging Barack Obama on ‘The View’

Barack Obama discussed taxes, Reverend Wright, and his inherent sexiness on 'The View' this morning. We followed it closely. When we weren't being distracted by his big brown eyes.

Momofuku Ko to Open Next Week; Wheat Prices to Affect Pizza and Bagel Lovers

Momofuku Ko is scheduled to open on March 12, and once the friends-and-family period ends, the only way to get in will be through online reservations. [Eater] Café Boulud still has the power to draw big names like Tom Ford, Barbara Walters, and Bruce Springsteen. [WSJ] The same I.D. scanners that help keep out underage drinkers at nightclubs are also helping police track down the various shooters and stabbers that frequent these places. [NYP]

Jerry Stiller Forgot His Manties!

Jerry Stiller
Jerry Stiller said he had a senior moment when he exited the locker room at the Jewish Community Center on Amsterdam sans bathing suit. Peter Brant, who bought out his ex-wife's half of Interview magazine last week, is pleased to have traded Ingrid Sischy for Glenn O'Brien. On Friday, Lindsay Lohan drank vodka at the Box and at the Beatrice Inn while partying with Stavros Niarchos and Brody Jenner before returning to the Four Seasons Hotel to spend the night with Niarchos. Eli Manning and fiancée Abby McGraw ate dinner at Il Mulino in the Village (he got a standing ovation when he left). At the Plumm, Tracy Morgan ordered two bottles of Champagne, ripped off his shirt and started dancing on the banquette, seemingly lost his credit card, found it in his pocket, and then asked a waitress if he could father her baby. Sacha Baron Cohen and Isla Fisher ate at Café Gray.

Amy Sacco Is Single Again

Paula Froelich sticks up for close friend Amy Sacco in "Page Six" by making Sacco's ex-fiancé Luigi Di Carolis look like a dink. Parker Posey's dog peed on the floor of the Kiehl's shop in the East Village twice, and Kiehl's liked it Posey didn't clean it up. Anderson Cooper has a huge photographic portrait of mother Gloria Vanderbilt hanging in the guest room of his Manhattan loft. Graydon Carter and his partners are no longer interested in having to interact with tourists at the Oak Room in the Plaza Hotel. (Nello Balan has also passed.) A female Barnard student who wants to become a man has moved off-campus because her dorm was "just so girly."

Gucci Would Prefer a More Flattering Cut

FASHION • The Gucci family is up in arms over Ridley Scott’s biopic. They fear he’ll focus on the family scandals. You know, instead of making a movie about all the boring stuff. [British Vogue] • Helmut Lang is opening a pop-up shop in the meatpacking district. Just what we need, another fabulous place to spend our money while we are drunk. [Fashion Informer] • Kaiser Karl rocked the U.K. with a Chanel fashion show. [WWD]

Barbara Walters Wants to Be Your Friend!

Barbara Walters
Barbara Walters included MySpace founders Tom Anderson and Chris DeWolfe on her Most Fascinating People of 2007 list, but she isn't having so much luck with the site herself. Her View co-producer Bill Geddie checked out her profile today during her Sirius radio show and was aghast at what he saw. "You only have the two [MySpace] guys as friends. Chris and Tom!" he announced.

From the Beginning, Donald Was a One-Namer

Since this summer, the magazine Mental Floss has been running an online feature called "The First Time News Was Fit to Print," in which they look up in the New York Times archives the first instances the Paper of Record mentioned people or items that are famous today (Woody Allen, for example, first appears in 1962 under the headline: "Young Men’s Hebrew Association Presents 2nd Jazz Concert"). Today they ran an all–New York edition, which reveals some gems: • January 28, 1973: The big change in Fred Trump’s operations in recent years is the advent of his son, Donald … Donald, who was graduated first in his class from the Wharton School of Finance of the University of Pennsylvania in 1968, joined his father about five years ago. He has what his father calls “drive.” He also possesses, in his father’s judgment, business acumen. “Donald is the smartest person I know,” he remarked admirably. “Everything he touches turns to gold.”

McCartney Sex Shocker! Macca and Rosanna Arquette ‘Walk’ and ‘Gaze’

Just a few weeks after he was spotted gazing at and walking with New York business lady (and Barbara Walters cousin) Nancy Shevell, the Last Notable Beatle (sorry, Ringo) was spotted walking and gazing on his estate in England with none other than eighties icon Rosanna Arquette! And as everyone knows, walking and gazing is basically the older-people version of sex. This sort of messes up our image of Paul McCartney as the heartbroken romantic; maybe he's actually kind of a man whore? Then again, it's possible that he and Rosanna are working together — she did make that documentary about musicians a while back. And we couldn't help but notice that he might have negged her a little bit. The News of the World reports: "At one stage the three-times-divorced actress … reached for the singer's hand … but dad-of-four-Macca appeared not to notice her affectionate gesture." Points for Shevell! Macca is Dating Heather Double Rosanna Arquette [News of the World] Earlier: Paul McCartney Gets Everyone's Knickers in a Twist Barbara Walters is Only One Degree of Sexeration from Paul McCartney

Hathaello Facing Another, More Dangerous Hurdle?

Gawker just put up a very upsetting item: Hathaello is in danger! Apparently at the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation gala last night there was tight security, but Raffaello Follieri and Anne Hathaway felt the need to have their own burly bodyguard. None of the other (brighter) luminaries had personal protection, not even A-listers like Meryl Streep, Diane Sawyer, Robin Williams, or Barbara Walters. As Gawker points out, Anne Hathaway doesn't usually travel with a bodyguard (we know, because once we accosted her at a party about her New Jersey Eastern all-state choir days and there was no one there to stop us), so it was probably all for Follieri's benefit. "The weird thing," explains their source, "was no one was approaching the guy anyway." Does this mean that there is a hidden threat to their controversial love? Is one of the men (or churches) that Follieri allegedly ripped off going to come after him? Or, as we secretly suspect, is the young Italian exerting a Scientology-like hold over the lovely Anne, refusing to allow her to read bad press about him? That would explain why he'd hire a bodyguard: to keep prying reporters away. That would also explain something we've been wondering about for a long time: why the hell she hasn't dumped him already. Marked Man: Who Is Trying To Kill Anne Hathaway's Hot Crazy Boyfriend? [Gawker]

Barbara Walters Is Only One Degree of Sexeration From Paul McCartney

Barbara Walters
Don't you hate it when you talk smack about someone and it comes back to haunt you? That's what happened to Barbara Walters, who ranted uncharacteristically about Heather Mills on The View last week. "I went on the program and said [Mills] was sort of diva-ish — so I said that," she said on her Sirius radio show last night. Actually, what she said was that Mills was "not a nice woman" but that's not the point: The point is that as it turns out, Nancy Shevell, the cute Hamptons lady the tabloids later that week claimed was boffing Paul McCartney, happens to be Barbara's very own cousin. "Well, now it turns out that my cousin is Paul McCartney’s new girlfriend so it looks as if I deliberately bashed Heather," she said. It does, kinda, doesn't it! Wawa went on to talk about the sage advice she offered her cousin, one celebrity to another:
This is all so new for her. I keep saying to her — you know you have no idea … you know what I say to her most — we both have a mutual cousin who used to always say to me, "Why do you go out without lipstick — don’t you realize people are looking at you?" And I’d say, "I don’t have the time…" Now I’m saying to Nancy, "Nancy, don’t go out without lipstick — you never know who's standing next to you."
She forgot the most important thing! Never get a prenup. Earlier: Even Barbara Walters Thinks Heather Mills Is a Jerk

Even Barbara Walters Thinks Heather Mills is a Jerk

Baba Wawa
"I rarely talk about people I interview," said Barbara Walters on The View this morning. "I love them all," she said. Yawn. "But every once in a while..." Oh! Do tell! Who!"Heatha Mills," she said, which was kind of a letdown, since we all know that Heather Mills is basically Satan, or at least basically equivalent to Ahmadinejad. But still! "This is not a very nice woman," Baba declared, and from her, that is rough. She had interviewed her twice. At first, she was sympathetic to her, because of, you know, the leg thing. "The first time, I was very touched by her, she had been in an accident, she lost her leg," Baba said. The second time, not so much. "One of our producers gave her a glass of water, she said, 'this glass of water is not room temperature,'... she was so impossible.'" Wow — Baba is fully going off on Heather Mills! This is awesome! The Huffington Post has the full rant. Earlier: Heather Mills Makes Us Crazy