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  1. Best of New York
    The Absolute Best Restaurants Near Barclays CenterWorld-class pizza, pastrami, and pork buns only blocks away.
  2. The Weeknd Takes Yet Another Victory Lap at Barclays CenterHe played a 90-minute set, heavy on material from Starboy.
  3. Are the Islanders Really Looking to Leave Brooklyn? Probably Not.No breakout yet.
  4. Why Are Brooklyn Nets Fans So Optimistic, Despite Everything?Opening night with the no-expectations Nets. 
  5. Beer Me
    Barclays Center Will Host Its First-Ever Beer FestivalTickets for the October event go on sale today.
  6. Lawsuits
    Former Cooks Sue Barclays Center Over Alleged Discrimination and Racial SlursThe $5 million lawsuit also alleges that managers used racial slurs.
  7. This Is New York City, According to 2016 DNC AdMayor de Blasio’s plan to host the convention gets a commercial.
  8. De Blasio Wants the 2016 DNC to Be in BrooklynJay Z for president?
  9. Empire Building
    Flatbush Avenue Parm Location Opening This FallIt will be just down the street from Barclays Center.
  10. Style Tribe: Miley Brings Out Brooklyn’s BangerzChatting with the fans at Barclays Center on Saturday night.
  11. Barclays Food-Server Suing Houston Rockets The Brooklyn Nets are not involved.
  12. The Circus Is in Town: Playing Pool With the Ringling Bros. RingmasterThe first black barker for The Greatest Show on Earth describes life among the clowns and acrobats.
  13. Barclays Telling Hip-Hop Acts to Keep It DownAfter months of noise complaints, it’s come to this.
  14. hooliganism
    Pussy Riot Takes Barclays, With Madonna and MoreA concert for freedom, including the freedom to say “pussy.”
  15. Beard Trims and More Will Soon Be Available at Brooklyn’s Barclays CenterThanks to GQ!
  16. the sports section
    There Are Some Pretty Bad Seats for Hockey at Barclays CenterAvoid the west end of the arena.
  17. Everything You Need to Know About Barclays Center’s Hockey ConfigurationThe arena will host its first hockey game on September 21.
  18. What Does Barclays Center Smell Like?Axe body spray, sort of.
  19. Barclays Center Has a Big Noise ProblemBut it can pay the fines.
  20. Is Barclays Center Trying to Jay-Z-ify the Islanders?The Islanders are not the Nets.
  21. Coming Soon
    New Jersey Chain Let’s YO! Opening at Barclays Center!Yet another frozen-yogurt shop coming to Brooklyn? Please, tell us more.
  22. The Nets Just Destroyed the BullsSo the Nets looked good.
  23. Leftovers
    Hemingway Events at Dead Rabbit; New Food at the Barclays CenterPlus: Mother’s Day meals, and more, in today’s Leftovers.
  24. There Are TWO Awesome Tourneys in NYC Right NowAll right, so it’s probably the Big East.
  25. Bernard Hopkins on Don King, Barclays, and Being 48 Years OldThe champ fights at Barclays on Saturday night.
  26. Justin Bieber Fans Terrorizing Park Slope Thanks to Barclays CenterTheir high-pitched screams shattering the nighttime quiet.”
  27. Shack Attack
    Shake Shack Is Opening Second Brooklyn Location Near the Barclays CenterBrooklyn’s second Shake Shack opens in the fall.
  28. encounters
    Meet the Brooklynettes: The NBA’s Edgiest Dance TeamBlood, sweat, abs, and mascara at Brooklyn’s new Barclays Center.
  29. Subway Lady Ellen Grossman on Meeting Jay-Z: ‘I Loved It!’ The breakout star speaks.
  30. barclays center
    Jay-Z and Coldplay Will Ring in the New Year in BrooklynAs co-headliners.
  31. An Excellent Side Effect From Barclays Center: Cabs in BrooklynIt’s the new Times Square,” apparently.
  32. Patrick Stewart Peeved by Barclays Traffic, Pumped About the Brooklyn NetsHe might even get season tickets.
  33. Crime Scenes
    Here’s a Video of a Man Being Assaulted by Brooklyn 7-Eleven EmployeesThe employees suspected the man of stealing a box of candy.
  34. Park Slope Is Now Just a Big Puddle of UrineThanks to Barclays.
  35. Barclays Center Accused of Racial Profiling Jay-Z fans had to go through them, Streisand fans did not. 
  36. b-u-t-t-a-h
    Barbra Streisand Is From BrooklynBabs’s Barclays Center homecoming was as emotional, eccentric, and over-the-top as only she can be.
  37. Moguls
    While Bruce Ratner Professes His Love for KFC, One Barclays V.I.P. Area Is OutThe KFC thing is the shocking part.
  38. live-streaming
    Jay-Z Will Live Stream His Final Barclays Show on SaturdayDefinitely more comfortable than nosebleed seats.
  39. In a Fizzy
    Barclays Center Opens With One-Size SodasThe arena and venue is serving sixteen-ounce sodas or smaller right out of the gate.
  40. Barclays Center Protesters Got Creative With Jay-Z Lyrics99 Percent Problems, and this Arena is 1 Percent.”
  41. jay-z
    Abebe: Jay-Z Makes History With Pretty Good First Show at Barclays CenterThe performance may not have been the greatest, but nobody seemed to mind. 
  42. Atlantic Carbs
    Rumored Shake Shack Near Barclays Is Still Only a RumorThe arena attracts more French fries than gladiators.
  43. Grub Guide
    Where to Eat and Drink Around the Barclays Center (With a Map!)The Barclays Center sits at the intersection of a whole bunch of great restaurant neighborhoods.
  44. Failure to Launch
    ‘Brooklynized’ Water Bounced From New Nets ArenaDasani it is!
  45. Justin Davidson: Barclays Center Is Brooklyn’s Ready-Made MonumentIt’s armored in scales of rusted steel, yet somehow it’s more alluring than fearsome.
  46. Soda Ban
    New Nets Arena Will Play Along With Soda BanBruce Ratner says Barclays Center will get an early start on the ban.
  47. Alkies
    Nets Arena Will Inevitably Lead to Drunk Idiots EverywhereObviously.
  48. Beer Me
    Why Your Pint Is Being DownsizedIs your beer glass shrinking? Or are your hands growing?
  49. save the date
    Jay-Z Is Now Doing Eight Shows at the Barclays CenterTickets on sale today.
  50. The End of the Borough As We Know It
    Jay-Z’s 40/40 Club Headed to BrooklynWe’re guessing this is one place that won’t serve artisanal pickles.
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