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  1. Best of New York
    The Absolute Best Concert Venue in New YorkSeven exceptional spots to hear your favorite band.
  2. Deontay Wilder Is Making Heavyweight Boxing Fun AgainAnd he wants to be the undisputed champion of the world. 
  3. Barclays CEO Has a Turnaround Plan and It Involves Witty AcronymsLOL, WTF.
  4. married life
    Here’s What You Missed at Jay-Z’s Last Brooklyn ShowBey.
  5. Barclays Oddly Unfazed by Prestigious Bank AwardThe bank won first prize for “Innovation in Interest Rate Manipulation.”
  6. Arena Food
    Here’s Everything to Eat at the Barclays CenterMore than 130 vendors tried to land the gig.
  7. Liborgate Report Lambasts Former Barclays CEO for Withholding DetailsBob Diamond was “highly selective” when it came to sharing information about the rate-setting scandal.
  8. Will Citigroup Be the Next Libor Casualty?The bank seems to have misbehaved even more than Barclays. 
  9. Libor Investigation Reveals Existence of VIP Rate-Rigging ClubIntroducing the Li-bros.
  10. Justice Department Prepping Libor Criminal ChargesAgainst Barclays traders and several banks. 
  11. Barclays Just Wanted to Be Like Everyone Else That’s one employee’s explanation for posting inaccurate Libor rates. 
  12. Rupert Murdoch Knows a Scapegoated Rich Guy When He Sees OneIn this case, it’s Bob Diamond.
  13. Bob Diamond Uses Parliamentary Hearing to Blame Everyone Else for Libor ScandalSure, what Barclays did was wrong, but all the banks were doing it!
  14. Why Bob Diamond, London’s Adopted Banker Son, Had to GoHe had an American response to a British problem.
  15. Barclays Traders E-mail Like Teenage GirlsDude, thanks a lot for the libor, can you PLEASE thank [Submitter-1] as well :-)”
  16. Sorry, the Window in Which It Was Possible to Receive an Apology From Banks for the Financial Crisis Has ClosedToo bad, you probably missed it.
  17. Baby Talk Encouraged by CEO of BarclaysTalk to me like a 2-year-old.”
  18. New Barclays CEO Bob Diamond Is a Leader for Our TimeUnlike some people, he’s no bleeding heart.
  19. CEO Who Drove CIT to Bankruptcy Gets New GigAt Barclays!
  20. Barclays Executives Found Going Through Lehman’s Books to Be a Bloodcurdling ExperienceLehman’s books were in such a mess that I don’t think they knew where they were.”
  21. Jamie Dimon vs. John Varley: ‘Two Big-time Bankers in a Very Big Dispute’CEOs haggle over billions.
  22. Barclays Defines ‘Jerks’ LooselyWhile most investment banks claim to have a ‘no-jerk’ policy on hiring,” the ‘FT’ tells us today, at Barclays “the policy is taken seriously.”
  23. Goldman, Barclays Bankers Preach Gospel of the BonusProfit is not Satanic.”
  24. What Fall Brings for Wall Street’s BanksRecess is over, and Congress will be scrutinizing the big boys.
  25. Barclays in Talks to Buy Lehman AssetsThe British investment bank, which walked away from a deal to buy portions of Lehman last Sunday, is apparently still sniffing around.
  26. When Yahoo Takes a Beating, Carl Icahn Has a Bad DayIn today’s Company Town: Yahoo goes down, ‘The Wall Street Journal’ gets sloppy, Harry Macklowe throws in the towel, and more.
  27. Zuckerman, Sulzberger, and the News Corp. Board Weigh In on Murdoch’s ‘Newsday’ BidOnce again, the Aussie media mogul is all over our daily industry roundup.
  28. The British Are Coming to Brooklyn, Thanks to Bruce Ratner Any hope of corporate bucks not dominating pro sports disappeared decades ago. But at least the Mets’ new ballpark — Citi Field, they’ll be calling it — will be shilling for a New York company. Bruce Ratner, on the other hand, has sold naming rights to his proposed Brooklyn basketball arena to the London bank Barclays, as the Post reports today. And in some ways that’s not surprising. It underlines the methods Ratner has used throughout his campaign to build Atlantic Yards: Beat your chest about how the project is all about Brooklyn pride, but don’t let that stand in the way of maximizing profits. The even more interesting aspect of this deal will take time to unfold. Every Atlantic Yards figure that Ratner has hyped — except the physical size of the project — has turned out to be smaller when it actually happens. From the number of “affordable” apartments to the number of construction jobs, everything shrinks as it gets closer to reality. The Post story cites unnamed sources to claim that the Nets’ naming rights will be “the most lucrative deal ever for an arena in the United States.” That story line helps further Ratner’s attempts to make Atlantic Yards seem inevitable. Just don’t bet your Nets at the Barclays Center souvenir sweatbands on it turning out to be accurate. —Chris Smith