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Bart Stupak

  1. Bart Stupak to Find a Job That Doesn’t Make People Want to Kill HimThe pro-life Democrat is retiring.
  2. Bart Stupak Threatened in the Most Insane, Creative WaysHow did they come up with these crazy voice messages?
  3. Stupak on Neugebauer’s Apology: ‘I Don’t Buy It’The words were very clear on the floor,” Stupak says.
  4. Stupak Signs On; Health-Care Reform Will Pass (Updated)The Michigan Democrat backed the bill after President Obama agreed to sign an executive order clarifying that it would not allow the use of federal money to pay for abortions.
  5. Pelosi Rejects Stupak But an Executive Order May Address Abortion ConcernsAnti-abortion Democrats may have finally gotten what they wanted.
  6. Never Mind, Abortion Could Still Destroy Health-Care ReformStupak makes it clear that there’s no compromise so far.
  7. Abortion, Suddenly, Is Not Going to Destroy Health-Care ReformStupak and the White House think an agreement is just around the corner.