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Bashar Assad

  1. Top Rebel Commander Killed in SyriaThe death of Zahran Alloush may strengthen Assad’s hand at upcoming peace talks in Geneva.
  2. Paris Attacks Prompt Agreement At Syria Peace TalksSignificant hurdles remain, but diplomats worked together to set an ambitious timeline for ending Syria’s civil war.
  3. Syria’s Leader Seems to Think America Is Now Totally Cool With HimNot so much.
  4. Assad Led Stephanopoulos on a Wild Goose ChaseBut he did manage to land an Obama interview.
  5. surreal media
    The Syrian Dictator’s Instagram, by the NumbersThe First Lady went on an Instagram spree yesterday.
  6. Barbara Walters Tried to Help Ex-Assad Aide Get a Job in the StatesAfter her interview with the Syrian dictator.
  7. Ninety-Two People Killed by Government Shelling in SyriaThe U.N. says it’s the worst incident they’ve seen since the organization began attempting to broker a ceasefire.
  8. Murderous Dictator Also Has Bad Taste in MusicWhich crime against humanity is worse?
  9. Syrian Government E-mail Password Was ‘12345’Those cunning hackers known as Anonymous cracked the code.
  10. The Only People Still Listening to Muammar Qaddafi Are in SyriaBut he’s still talking.
  11. The United States Would Like Syria’s Dictator to Step Down Now, PleaseA strongly worded statement is imminent.