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Fox Officially Cancels ‘Ben and Kate’

The Fox network pulled its critically-acclaimed but underwatched comedy Ben and Kate from the air last week, but now word has come in that the network has officially canceled the show. Fox has not said when the final two episodes will air. It's [...]

By Bradford Evans

Fox Pulls ‘Ben and Kate’ from the Schedule

Fox just put its critically-acclaimed freshman sitcom Ben and Kate on hold and is ditching the idea of a Tuesday night comedy block. New Girl and The Mindy Project will continue to air at 9pm and 9:30 Tuesday, and Fox will be doubling up on [...]

By Bradford Evans

On ‘Ben and Kate,’ TV’s Best New Sitcom

It hasn't been a great season for new sitcoms. NBC's attempts to swing for a broader audience (Animal Practice, Guys with Kids, The New Normal) mostly missed with Go On being the only hit of the bunch, CBS's only new offering — Partners [...]

By Bradford Evans

Watch ‘The Mindy Project’ and ‘Ben and Kate’ Right This Second

TV starts again soon! So soon that we can already watch the pilots of the two new Fox sitcoms. And watch them we shall. Who needs to do work, when there is 45 minutes of new sitcomery to intake? They are both really solid, if not good, despite [...]

By Jesse David Fox

Fox Unveils Its Fall Premiere Dates

NBC did it last week, and now it's Fox's turn to unveil their fall premiere schedule. Fox isn't taking as many big chances with their fall lineup schedule, nor are they spreading things out across three months like NBC. But they are holding the [...]

By Adam Frucci