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  1. Bernanke Stops Being Polite, Starts Getting RealBen Bernanke drops truthbomb on Wall Street Journal editorial page, no survivors.
  2. Helicopter Ben Makes It Rain — for HimselfThe revolving door turns again, with the former Fed chairman headed to a hedge fund. 
  3. The Fed Chairmanship Race Is a Bad Romantic ComedyPresident Obama has to choose between the charismatic jerk and the quiet hero.
  4. fed up
    Why Did the Stock Market Fall Today?The eternal question.
  5. Ben Bernanke Is Wall Street’s Security BlanketHis job has become reassuring the market.
  6. Bloomberg Reporters Spied on Geithner, BernankeAnd probably a lot of other important people.
  7. Wall Street Is Losing Its War With the Fed Over BonusesAnd there’s nothing banks can do about it.
  8. The Fed Puts on Its Superman Cape and Decides to Fix UnemploymentThe central bank implemented the so-called Evans Rule.
  9. The Markets May Not Have Ben Bernanke to Kick Around AnymoreThe Fed chairman is planning to leave even if Obama wins reelection, according to Andrew Ross Sorkin.
  10. The Absolute Moron’s Guide to QE3Buckle your seatbelts.
  11. Stock Tease: What Ben Bernanke Said, and What Wall Street HeardThe Fed chairman is playing hard-to-get.
  12. Video: What the Fed Did Today (Translated Into English)We made you a video!
  13. Bernanke: Worried About Interest Rates, Rate-My-Professor RankingThink he gets the little chili pepper much?
  14. The Fed Really Couldn’t Comprehend Economics in 2006Recently released transcripts from 2006 are “embarrassing,” to say the least.
  15. Ben Bernanke Is an Ordinary American HomeownerBut an extraordinarily committed reader.
  16. Ben Bernanke on Occupy Wall Street: ‘I Can’t Blame Them'Rick Perry is going to be pissed.
  17. How Republicans Learned to Despise the FedThe GOP has embraced what used to be called, dismissively, “Fed bashing.”
  18. Ben Bernanke: Sometimes a Speech Is Just a SpeechNo policies announced in Jackson Hole today.
  19. Fed Expected to Announce Modest Boost Next FridayCould be simple confirmation that Fed plans to maintain $2.8 trillion portfolio for time being.
  20. Rick Perry Calls Ben Bernanke ‘Almost Treasonous,’ Not Sure About President Obama’s Patriotism [Updated]The Federal Reserve chairman might want to stay out of Texas for a while.
  21. Ben Bernanke and Fed Promise Low Rates Amid Stock Market Roller Coaster [Updated]A bad day for the faint of heart.
  22. ‘Sniffling’ Jamie Dimon Heckles Ben BernankeThe JP Morgan CEO reveals his “great fear.”
  23. Ben Bernanke Gave Wall Street an Unbelievably Sweet Interest Rate on That Secret $80 Billion LoanSay thank you, Goldman Sachs and Credit Suisse.
  24. The Dollar Is at Its Lowest Since July 2008Bernanke is under pressure.
  25. Mediavore
    Gaddafi’s Sons Fight Over Coca-Cola Plant; Virbila Gives a First-Look to PlayaA battle over bottling brews in Libya, while John Sedlar’s latest restaurant gets a positive nod from The L.A. Times.
  26. Mediavore
    ‘Human Dumplings’ in Long Island City; Hot Female Sushi Chefs HavePlus: Paprika and Filipino food are in, blaming the Fed for soaring food prices is out, and more, in our morning news roundup.
  27. Ben Bernanke Tries to Harsh Your Unemployment MellowBernanke’s Charlie Brown face explained.
  28. Turns Out, the Financial Crisis Was Totally AvoidableThe greatest tragedy would be to accept the refrain that no one could have seen this coming.”
  29. Incidentally, the Federal Reserve Really Did Save the World Back in 2008Without the bailout, McDonald’s wouldn’t have opened and your phone service might have stopped.
  30. This Is What Ben Bernanke Looks Like When He’s ‘Taking Aim’The Federal Reserve chairman really gave it to China today.
  31. Ben Bernanke Calls Out ChinaThe Fed chief tells the world to blame the other guys for slowing down the global economy.
  32. Republicans Plan Defeat of Successful Stimulus PlanGoddamn if they’re going to let this administration save the economy.
  33. Ben Bernanke Makes the Stock Market Happy, a Day LateWhen he announced $600 billion in new Fed spending on Wednesday, the markets didn’t blink. Why did they soar on Thursday?
  34. Inflation, Here We Come?Ben Bernanke promises to spend $600 billion so America doesn’t turn Japanese.
  35. Everyone Expects Inflation (the Fed Is Working!)People buy treasuries at negative interest rates, betting on a flood of new money.
  36. people who are doing their part to disempower the name hitler
    Hedge-Fund Manager Compares Ben Bernanke to Hitler“To me, the parallels are ominous.”
  37. Bernanke: Fed Will Do What It Can to Help Stimulate the EconomyBut don’t go looking at him to solve everyone’s problems.
  38. Is Ben Bernanke Worried About Deflation?It looks like it, if you squint hard enough.
  39. Federal Reserve Acknowledges Recovery Isn’t Going As Well As It Would LikePlans to reinvest proceeds from mortgage-backed securities into Treasuries.
  40. Bernanke: Things Are Better, But Also Still BadThe Fed chairman is still cautiously pessimistic.
  41. Depressive Bernanke Brings Down MarketsEeyore strikes again.
  42. Ashton Kutcher Has Been Named ‘President of Pop Culture’ at PopchipsGet it? “Pop”?
  43. And Now, a Picture of Ben Bernanke, a Mountain Range, and a Leopard-Spotted RiverIn which the Fed chairman contemplates reform.
  44. Hipster or Bureaucrat?A pop quiz.
  45. The Federal Reserve Is Not Ready to Make a Commitment… to saying the economy has recovered.
  46. Dodd Introduces Bill to Jump-start Financial Reform, Sets Aggressive TimelineThe Fed might be getting bigger.
  47. People Who Bought Alan Greenspan Portraits Now Wish Him DeadPaintings of the former Fed chairman are being put out of sight.
  48. Bernanke Will Raise the Interest Rate When the Time Is RightHe has to wait for the Signs.
  49. the man of the hour
    Ben Bernanke Has Been Confirmed for a Second TermBy a healthy margin.
  50. early and often
    Fed Chairman Bernanke Expected to Be Reconfirmed TodayIt’ll be a squeaker.
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