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  1. foreign interests
    Netanyahu’s Government Survives — But Maybe Not for LongThe prime minister thwarted a rebellion within his Cabinet, but Israel’s ultranationalist faction is still winning the long game.
  2. foreign interests
    Netanyahu Is No Longer Hawkish Enough for His Own GovernmentAfter agreeing to a cease-fire in Gaza, the prime minister is cast as a capitulating peacenik by his allies. Still, he’ll probably be reelected.
  3. foreign policy
    Trump’s Effort to Strong-Arm Palestinians Will Bring More Suffering, Not PeaceCutting aid and shuttering the PLO office aligns with Netanyahu’s plan to crush the Palestinian national movement, but will only prolong the conflict.
  4. Corbyn, Netanyahu Tangle Over Corbyn’s Involvement in Tribute to TerroristsThe accusations of anti-Semitism that have trailed the Labour Party aren’t going away anytime soon.
  5. Trump Buys Netanyahu’s Bad Case for Abandoning the Iran DealThe Israeli prime minister’s alleged bombshell offered no evidence of Iranian noncompliance and ample reason to keep the nuclear agreement in place.
  6. israel
    Natalie Portman Explains Why She Declined to Travel to Israel for Award Ceremony“My decision not to attend the Genesis Prize ceremony has been mischaracterized by others. Let me speak for myself.”
  7. Bibi and the Christian Right Agree: Trump Is the New Cyrus the GreatNetanyahu gives his friend the president the great favor of reinforcing conservative Evangelical belief that Trump’s the supreme virtuous pagan.
  8. Bibi’s a Step Closer to the SlammerThe Israeli police have recommended he face charges on two counts of corruption. But the process could take a long while.
  9. mask on
    Immersive Theater Fan Benjamin Netanyahu Keeps Going to Sleep No MoreMaybe he’s just really into hanging out in the candy room.
  10. Jared Kushner’s Road Map to NowherePutting his inexperienced son-in-law in charge of Mideast policy was a shocking act of nepotism by Trump. We’re starting to see the consequences.
  11. Trump’s Messy, Mostly Successful Israel VisitLet’s concede that the White House achieved all of its short-term objectives. But there are some ominous signs too.
  12. Trump Sent Alan Dershowitz to Tell Netanyahu ‘Time Is Ripe’ for Mideast PeaceThe president ran into the celebrity lawyer at Mar-a-Lago. Peace was talked and messages were sent.
  13. In Meeting With Netanyahu, Trump Says U.S. Won’t Insist On a Palestinian StateBreaking with decades of precedent, Trump suggests America is open to a one-state solution to the Israel-Palestine conflict.
  14. Trump Throws Curveball at Bibi, Urging No ‘Unilateral’ Action on SettlementsNobody knows why, but a “senior administration official” is telling Israelis the boss still wants a two-state solution and no trouble on settlements.
  15. The GOP’s Bibi-Centric Foreign PolicyAs Republicans overreact to the U.N. resolution condemning Israeli settlements, their unconditional support for Netanyahu is a rare point of unity.
  16. Kerry Delivers Eulogy for the Two-State SolutionWith Israel on the brink of abandoning a decades-old point of agreement, the outgoing secretary of State defends it one last time.
  17. Netanyahu Attacks Obama Over U.N. ResolutionHe’s looking forward to working with Trump.
  18. Obama Administration Says Netanyahu Broke Promise With New SettlementLast month, the United States pledged $38 billion in aid to the Israeli military.
  19. Bernie Sanders’s Surprising Platform PriorityThe senator’s push for greater deference to Palestinian interests reflects his party’s growing generational divide over the Jewish State.
  20. Herzog: We Must Not Be Seen As ‘Arab Lovers’The comment from Israel’s opposition leader illustrates the profound obstacles to peace in the region.
  21. Biden Gives Iran a Stern Talking-to After New Round of Missile TestsInitial reports claimed the missiles were inscribed with the words “Israel must be wiped out from.”
  22. U.S. Criticizes Israel’s West Bank PoliciesThe ambassador also suggested that the expansion of West Bank settlement calls Israel’s commitment to the two-state solution into question.
  23. EU to Label Goods Made in Israeli SettlementsIsrael is furious.
  24. Obama and Netanyahu Are Trying to Be Friends AgainThe president and the Israeli prime minister met face-to-face in the White House Monday.
  25. Is Obama Being Too Hard on Netanyahu?Some Israelis say U.S. criticism of the prime minister’s preelection remarks has gone far enough.
  26. Netanyahu: Don’t Listen to My Explicit PromiseHis promise to block any Palestinian state has been cruelly manipulated by people who understand words.
  27. The Coming Transformation of the U.S.-Israel AllianceOne-staters on both sides rejoice. Two-staters rethink.
  28. How Netanyahu’s U.S.-Based Digital Gurus Helped Him Pull Out a Surprise VictoryUsing Facebook to target voters and WhatsApp to get them to the polls.
  29. America + Israel = Same As Usual After ElectionAlthough Republicans are elated that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu appears poised to become Israel’s longest-serving leader.
  30. Israeli Election Goes From Tie to Netanyahu Triumph OvernightThe exit polls were wrong: The prime minister secured a decisive victory.
  31. Scenes From Netanyahu’s Remarkable Election Night Turnaround [Updated]Though the prime minister claimed victory in Israel’s election, the results are hardly a strong mandate.
  32. The Polls Are Closed in Israel, But Don’t Expect to Know Who Won Anytime SoonThe exit polls show that everything is still too close to call. 
  33. Arab-Israeli Turnout Sparks Salty Statements and Ned Stark ReferencesWho will the 15 percent of undecided voters in Israel pick, and what will it mean for Benjamin Netanyahu?
  34. international affairs
    Benjamin Netanyahu’s Wild, Last-Minute Lunge to the Far RightGo right, old man!
  35. Netanyahu Clarifies His Chilling Vision for Post-Democratic IsraelThe prospective murderer of the original Zionist dream reveals his plan.
  36. What’s Going to Happen to Netanyahu Tomorrow?Talking over the possible outcomes of Tuesday’s parliamentary election in Israel.
  37. Hillary’s Handling of Emailgate Is a Bad RerunThose around her keep saying she won’t repeat her 2008 missteps. There’s no evidence for that.
  38. Could Netanyahu Actually Lose His Reelection Bid?The prime minister claims there’s “a real danger” that he might be defeated.
  39. politics 101
    Country That Netanyahu Was Complaining About Has Thoughts on His Speech“I don’t think trying to create tension and conflict helps anyone.”
  40. Netanyahu’s Speech to Congress Has No Plan and Makes No SenseRetelling the story of Purim is not a strategy.
  41. What You Missed in Netanyahu’s Speech to Congress — in GIFsSo much clapping.
  42. Everyone’s Going to Love the Netanyahu Speech — Inside the Capitol, at LeastLast time the Israeli prime minister spoke to Congress, he received 28 standing ovations in 47 minutes. 
  43. Obama Takes Preemptive Jab at Netanyahu Ahead of Speech to CongressAs for the GOP, they’re officially too excited.
  44. What the Key Players Are Saying About Netanyahu’s Speech to CongressA guide to what political actors think about the latest D.C. event everyone is legally obligated to have opinions on.
  45. Kristol: Netanyahu Loves America More Than Obama DoesAmerica’s most confused patriot speaks out.
  46. There’s Mounting Disapproval of Netanyahu’s Impending Congressional AddressBut he doesn’t care.
  47. Why Benjamin Netanyahu Lost His MindThe right-wing Zionist freak-out.
  48. Israeli Prime Minister Plans to Visit Congress House Speaker John Boehner invited Benjamin Netanyahu on his own.
  49. Obama Getting Hell Over Netanyahu ‘Chickenshit’ SlamAnd he didn’t even say it.
  50. U.S. Officials Think Netanyahu Is ‘Aspergery’Among other things.
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