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Bernie Madoff

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It’s Always the Quiet Ones

A 75-year-old hedge-fund manager goes missing on the day he is supposed to produce $50 million.

By Jessica Pressler

Alex Kuczynski Faces Icky-Fat Real Pregnancy After All

She gloated that a surrogate mom did it the first time, but now it's her turn to get all moody and lumpy-bumpy. Plus, everyone important is in D.C. by now, and Cin's there to harass them.

By Tim Murphy

Madoff Gets Off Again

He's strapped himself into his vest and is trundling back to his Upper East Side apartment right now!

By Jessica Pressler

Andrew Cuomo Is Still In It

Suddenly, as Hillary's confirmation draws nigh, the attorney general is everywhere.

By Chris Rovzar

Kate Hudson and A-Rod Went on a Date

Does it sound like that should have an exclamation point after it? Well, we're not using any of those things today. Today's gossip roundup shall stand on its own merits.

By Tim Murphy