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Best Friends?

  1. forever friends
    Four Best Friends Decided to Share a TombstoneThey’re buried side by side under a pink granite stone that identifies them simply as “FRIENDS.”
  2. best friends
    Watch The Sweet Moment Gayle King Gets Emotional Talking About OprahAwwwww.
  3. trailer mix
    Best F(r)iends Trailer: Can Tommy Wiseau and Greg Sestero Outdo The Room?Lisa must be so jealous right now.
  4. best friends?
    Broad City Interviewed Sleater-Kinney in a Perfect Celebration of RadnessSo much love in that room.
  5. videology
    That Kid From Ellen Has a New Song, and It’s Kinda Bangin’But wait, where’s Rosie?
  6. best friends?
    Being a Best Friend Is the Worst SometimesJudy Greer at her finest. 
  7. best friends?
    Mindy Kaling Managed to Take an Outstandingly Sweet Creep ShotA public cry to her faraway best friend.
  8. commemorative tattoos
    Cate Blanchett May Have Gotten a Post-Oscars Tattoo With Amy AdamsA blue jasmine sprig, perhaps. 
  9. self-improvement
    Holding the Internet Accountable for All Its False DIY PromisesA big, amused eye roll to all of the Internet’s unachievable beauty, crafts, and fashion tips.
  10. best friends?
    Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon Are Also Available for WeddingsSpecifically, their own.
  11. How Can We Become Best Friends with the Cast of ‘Happy Endings’?New York has a story about the Happy Endings cast that is so frustrating. Casts will always say they’re friends but these guys are the real […]
  12. best friends?
    Guess Who Conan Doesn’t Want As Guest?(Hint: It’s the same guy who cost him his old job.)
  13. early and often
    Clinton Wants, Gets It AllOkay, okay, okay. So Hillary Clinton staged a comeback by opening up a can of whoop-ass at last night’s Democratic presidential debate. She is “a champ,” she “scored a win,” and she “hit the jackpot” (the debate was in Vegas, see?). But after the last debate, a lot of the next-morning press coverage missed out on important events from the end of the debate because of reporting deadlines. So we went through the last few minutes of the New York Times genius transcript feature to see if our colleagues in print missed anything. Which, to our minds, they did. Right at the close came a question from Maria, a UNLV student: Maria: [To Clinton] Do you prefer diamonds or pearls? Clinton: Now I know I’m sometimes accused of not being able to make a choice. I want both. Moderator: Now do I get to ask any of the other candidates or, I suppose, just Senator Clinton? Maria: It’s the only shiny thing up there. There ended the debate. If that isn’t a metaphor, we don’t know what the hell is. Clinton’s in Thick of Barbed Democratic Debate [NYT]