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  1. beta male
    What It Meant to Be Heavyweight ChampIt’s almost inconceivable today.
  2. beta male
    Sailors Might Regret These Tweets About the Navy’s Alcohol Ban in JapanNo more drinks.
  3. beta male
    Can an Artisanal Cigarette Brand Compete With Big Tobacco?Or are they just blowing smoke?
  4. beta male
    Verizon Guy Gets the Ultimate Pitchman’s RevengeThey can definitely hear him now.
  5. beta male
    That’s the Wrong Song, and Other Weekend Sports NewsUruguay is not Chile.
  6. beta male
    My Midlife Style Crisis — and YoursIs it time to start dressing my age?
  7. beta male
    Bros Are Threatening to Boycott Bud Light Over This Gay-Marriage AdPredictable.
  8. beta male
    New York Men Embrace Summer With Bold Hues and Perky PatternsPrints and the new power generation.
  9. beta male
    Donald Trump Tries to Pander to Sports Fans and Shoots an Air BallAiiiir ball. Aiiiir ball.
  10. beta male
    How to Handle Yourself in a High-Stakes Poker GamePlay it close to the vest.
  11. beta male
    Chad Ochocinco Says He’s Packing a 3-Inch PenisHow brave.
  12. beta male
    Is It Time to Stop Saying Guys in the Workplace?Apparently, it’s exclusionary.
  13. beta male
    Exclusive Excerpt: David Shapiro’s Streetwear Odyssey SupremacistAn epic journey to every Supreme outlet on earth.
  14. beta male
    Is Justin Bieber Cuddle-Blocking Drake?Looks that way.
  15. beta male
    The Best Suit for Summer WeddingsThe perfect summer suit is harder to find than you think.
  16. beta male
    Christian Singer Reads Richard Dawkins, Spurns JesusLosing his religion.
  17. beta male
    Boomerang: I Was Richard Parker’s First Victim, But Not His LastDecades later, a crime still reverberates.
  18. beta male
    Kevin Hart and Nike Join Forces to Create the Corniest Sneaker EverTry not to roll your eyes.
  19. beta male
    A Saved by the Bell Diner Is Opening, and It Will Be Full of Kelly KapowskisNostalgia alert.
  20. beta male
    Instagram Secrets of the Sexiest Doctor AliveWomen offer to break a limb for an appointment with Dr. Mike
  21. beta male
    Men Are Dying to Participate in This Insane Ancient Japanese FestivalAnd people love to watch.
  22. beta male
    This Celebrity Pool Party Is a Subtle Celebration of AmericaEven if it wasn’t supposed to be.
  23. beta male
    Sex Confessions of a Cat DaddyMeow.
  24. beta male
    Vegan Café Attacked by Meat-Throwing MobSausage-wielding maniacs.
  25. beta male
    It’s Klay’s World, and Other Weekend Sports NewsSplash, brother.
  26. beta male
    Rapper Dumbfoundead Tackles Hollywood Racism in Amazing New VideoWhat if the hunky ghost in Ghost was played by an Asian?
  27. beta male
    Forget Virtual Reality — Pong Is Now RealEverything old is new again.
  28. Eating Ass: A Guide for the Straight ManIs it time to broaden your horizons?
  29. beta male
    Eating Ass: A Guide for the Straight ManIs it time to broaden your horizons?
  30. beta male
    Admit It, Sports Fans: We’re a Bunch of CowardsGood thing we have heavy-handed commissioners to save us from ourselves.
  31. beta male
    Spelling Bee Ends in Brutal Diss As High Five Is Left HangingThat’s okay. A lot of great men have been left hanging.
  32. beta male
    Women Are Now Cheating As Much As Men, But With Fewer ConsequencesTwo can play at that game.
  33. beta male
    This Man Deep-Fried Water and Didn’t Disfigure His FaceGood job?
  34. beta male
    Women Need to Stop Putting Men in Washing Machines in Racist AdsThis is disturbing.
  35. beta male
    I Used to Be Quite the Ladykiller — Especially for a Gay GuyAdventures in conversion therapy.
  36. beta male
    Attempting to Explain the Minor League’s King of MeltdownsWhat’s going through this guy’s head?
  37. beta male
    Men Who Drink Can Give Their Offspring Fetal Alcohol SyndromePut down the beer bong.
  38. beta male
    What We Mean When We Say, ‘I Love You, Man’Bonds strengthen as a group of friends grows up together.
  39. beta male
    Farewell, Victoria’s Secret Catalogue. Your Time Had Come.Internet killed the catalogue star.
  40. beta male
    Do You Want to Punch This Jeopardy Champion in the Face?Or do you want to make out with him?
  41. beta male
    The Tall Man’s BurdenThe view from on high is not what it seems.
  42. beta male
    Watch This Baby Elephant Fall Asleep to a LullabyCan a cute video slow poaching?
  43. beta male
    My Life As a ‘Sploshing’ Fetish StarMen everywhere are paying to see me get pied in the face.
  44. beta male
    The NFL Has Abandoned All Pretense of Caring About Players or ConcussionsRoger Goodell has some explaining to do.
  45. beta male
    James Corden Won the Race to Book Chewbacca Mom on Late NightJ.J. Abrams too!
  46. beta male
    The Simple Pleasure of Clocking Someone in the JawTrump’s bullying is giving rise to a long-dormant impulse.
  47. beta male
    Hoisting a 40 With Malt Liquor’s Rabid Online FanboysAs we were going to St. Ides …
  48. beta male
    The Dirtiest Fruit-Fingering Videos Instagram Doesn’t Want Us to See, RankedYou’ll never look at an orange the same way.
  49. beta male
    The Best Reason to Make Gillian Anderson the New James BondThe freak-out would be so much fun to watch.
  50. beta male
    How Gay Men Really Feel About Straight MenIt’s complicated.
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