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Who Do You Like?

It Happened This Week
As Indian summer continued its extended run last week, some of the most popular kids in town found themselves getting the cold shoulder. A federal lawsuit charged Bloomberg LP discriminates against pregnant women, and BMOC Mike Bloomberg promptly reminded us that he no longer runs his namesake company. (Later in the week, a little red in the face, he admitted he regularly talks to senior executives there.) Onetime Most Likely to Succeed Barack Obama fell 33 points behind Hillary Clinton in the latest presidential poll.

Mystery Figure Set to Take Over City Tonight!

Line of succession is not usually a big deal on the municipal level, but with a mayor who acts increasingly, shall we say, presidential, the question does arise: Who's in charge when Bloomie's out of town? Today's Times notes a weirdly undemocratic wrinkle in the protocol. Normally, first deputy Patricia Harris picks up the reins. How about when she's also out of town, though, as she will be tonight? Well, in those cases, the job of running the world's capital goes to … some dude. Or lady. Bloomberg won't say who among his staffers is next in line to the throne. Moreover, he pretty much asks us not to worry our pretty little heads about it: He's always in control. After all, his private jet probably has Bloomberg Terminals installed.

Fireworks, Pools, Booze — Not Terror — Will Kill You Tomorrow

• There's no reason to fear terror attacks on the Fourth of July, the mayor is insisting; the threat of terror, he says, is nothing compared to the dangers of unguarded beaches and pools. "Don't let the kids play with fireworks. Don't drink and drive," he advised. Oh, also, the NYPD is on its highest alert. [NYDN]

Betsy Gotbaum Drove Mrs. Hevesi, Too!

Well, okay, the city's public advocate didn't actually drive Al's ailing wife anywhere. But if we accept the phrase as a handy euphemism for using government resources for private ends — e.g., "John Sununu totally drove Mrs. Hevesi to that round of golf" — then Betsy's chauffeuring the old lady, too. True, it's only for $1,900 — a far cry from the $80,000 and change Alan reimbursed — but it shows that pols everywhere are getting nervous. Jon Dolan had more at Early & Often. Is Betsy the New Al? [Early and Often]