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  1. bffs
    Of Course Cazzie David and Taylor Swift Are Friends NowIt was only a matter of time.
  2. bffs
    Dear Hollywood, Give Jennifer Garner and Judy Greer ‘Something to Do Together’Give them what they want, damnit.
  3. meet-cutes
    Paul McCartney and Kanye Met by Adorably Bonding Over BreakupsA meet-cute for the ages.
  4. bffs
    There’s One Thing Missing From Taylor Swift’s Birthday Party for Selena GomezSwift must really love her friend.
  5. bffs
    Big Little Lies BFFs Show Us What ‘Sisterhood Looks Like’Reese Witherspoon, Laura Dern, Zoë Kravitz, and Shailene Woodley show up for each other — at the movies and on Instagram.
  6. odes
    Ryan Coogler Writes Tribute to Ava DuVernay on A Wrinkle In Time Premiere Day“Ava is the past, present and future. She is all of these things, but sometimes I forget she is human.”
  7. bffs
    Maisie Williams Will Be Sophie Turner’s BridesmaidAt her upcoming wedding to Joe Jonas.
  8. bffs
    How Jennifer Lawrence and Emma Stone Ended Up Spending Golden Globes NightThey didn’t make it to any after-parties.
  9. bffs
    Hoda Kotb and Savannah Guthrie Are So Freakin’ Excited to Be Co-Hosts!They had a ladies’ night to celebrate their first week hosting together.
  10. bffs
    Thom Yorke and BB-8 Had a Glorious Meeting of the MindsBleep bleep bloop bleep.
  11. bffs
    Michelle Williams and Busy Philipps Talk Kissing Boys on Dawson’s CreekThe best friends remember every teen heartthrob they kissed.
  12. Michelle Williams and Busy Philipps Talk Kissing Boys on Dawson’s CreekThe best friends remember every teen heartthrob they kissed.
  13. broad city
    Broad City’s Abbi and Ilana Go Through the Quickest Friend Breakup EverLike they could ever be separated from each other.
  14. bffs
    It’s Weird to See Outlander Stars in Normal ClothesThere was nary a kilt nor a corset in sight.
  15. Sex Pistols’ Johnny Rotten Defends ‘Possible Friend’ President Trump“He terrifies politicians, and this is a joy to behold.”
  16. bffs
    The History of Michelle Williams and Busy Phillips’s Best FriendshipWhen Michelle met Busy.
  17. bffs
    Read Cate Blanchett’s Ode to BFF Amy AdamsThe IFP Gotham Awards once again praised an accessible American Amy!
  18. bffs
    No, Seriously, Chelsea Clinton and Ivanka Trump Are Still Friends“Our friendship didn’t start in politics, it certainly is not going to end because of politics.”
  19. bffs
    Kristen Stewart and Julianne Moore are the BFFs You Never Knew You WantedMove over, Amy and Jennifer.
  20. bffs
    I Bet I Can Guess Who Bought Penelope Disick This ‘What Would North Do?’ T-ShirtThanks, Auntie Kim.
  21. co-hosting
    Tina Fey and Amy Poehler Are Back in This Golden Globes Promo“Who will you be wearing?”
  22. bffs
    Connie Britton and Kirsten Gillibrand: RoommatesThere’s a lot of feathered hair in this pic. 
  23. friendship
    Eye Boogers and Ass Slaps: The Gross Side of Female FriendshipsTwo shows offer a novel perspective.
  24. taylor swift's harem of friends
    Lena Dunham and Taylor Swift Have Official Friend DayIt required two large tote bags.
  25. fashionable friends
    Katie Hillier and Luella Bartley Are Basically Soul Mates Talking to the creative team behind the Marc by Marc Jacobs reboot.
  26. girl talk
    The Great Digital BFF RenaissanceGroup text messages are slumber parties for adults.
  27. the stars they're just like us
    Rihanna Cooked, Did Cara Delevingne’s Hair on New Year’s EveAnd shared about 50 Instagrams from the night.
  28. best friends forever
    Taylor Swift is Hailee Steinfeld’s “Big Sister”It’s a starlet-mentoring program.
  29. matchy matchy
    What Is the Meaning of Taylor Swift and Hailee Steinfeld Matching Their Outfits?Is this cute or creepy?
  30. new friends
    An Ode to Lindsay Lohan and Kristen Stewart’s New FriendshipAn odd couple that, deep down, makes sense.
  31. bad boyfriends
    Katy Perry Sensibly Disapproves of BFF Rihanna Dating Chris BrownA surprising display of romantic wisdom.
  32. valentine's day
    Live Every Day Like It’s Galentine’s DaySend these #RealTalk Valentines to your BFFs.
  33. bffs
    Ben Affleck and Matt Damon: Forever Great TogetherAs shown by this Good Will Hunting oral history.
  34. bffs
    A$AP Rocky Has So Many Friends on His AlbumFlorence Welch, Danny Brown, Schoolboy Q …
  35. bffs
    Nas and Lauryn Hill Are Going on TourFriends!
  36. bffs
    Lady Gaga Isn’t Too Concerned About That Lohan Jewelry Heist “ummmm are those my earrings??? this is awkward…:)”
  37. bffs
    Kanye Made a Song With SkrillexAnd it might be on the new ‘Ye album.
  38. Lindsay Lohan Is Going to Be in a Gaga VideoThe Lohan comeback train is still rolling.
  39. unlikely bffs
    Roberto Cavalli Has a New Best Friend!You’ll never guess who. No, really, you’ll never guess.
  40. bffs
    Bieber Didn’t Get that Kanye Verse After AllBut Drake and Nicki are happening.
  41. bffs
    Kanye and Bieber Were in the Studio AgainThat guest verse might happen yet.
  42. bffs
    Taylor Swift Will Also Be on the Justin Bieber AlbumCongrats, tweens!
  43. BFFs’ Queenetta Is Wonderful We’re only getting our second taste of her in tomorrow’s new episode of BFFs, but is it really too early to say that Queenetta is the best new […]
  44. bffs
    Everybody Sit Down and Ponder the Possibility of a Lana Del Rey–Tyler, the Creator Song“If Your Reading This Im Down, I Have Pretty Instrumentals.”
  45. bffs
    Katy Perry Could Frame Kristen Wiig for Murder, and Other RevelationsBecause she has a lock of Wiig’s hair.
  46. bffs
    Here’s What Happens When Paz de la Huerta Goes to a Lana Del Rey ConcertIt’s perfect.
  47. bffs
    Justin Timberlake Is Totally Ruining the Ryan Gosling Origin Myth“So he tried to make it seem like he was bohemian even back then?”
  48. bffs
    Sometimes, Jay-Z Wishes Kanye Would Just Cool It With the Snares“It drives you crazy sometimes.”
  49. bffs
    Questlove Confirms That Jay-Z Is Cooler Than Most Lawyers“Jay got Radiohead on the phone in five minutes.”
  50. bffs
    Justin Bieber Landed Kanye and Drake for His New AlbumStill no Wayne, though.
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