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  1. bias
    Siri, Are Feminine AI Voices Sexist?The leading tech companies all offer feminized assistants that perpetuate gender stereotypes.
  2. life in pixels
    The White House’s ‘Tech Bias’ Reporting Form Is a Masterpiece of TrumpismThe White House’s call for stories of bias on social media is the apotheosis of the administration’s belief system.
  3. life in pixels
    The Rise of Busybody JournalismIn “see for myself” reporting, individual sentiment crowds out institutional facts.
  4. select all
    Amazon’s Facial-Recognition Software Mistakes 28 Congressmen for CriminalsThe software misidentified a disproportionate amount of representatives of color, including six members of the Congressional Black Caucus.
  5. gender bias
    Grammys Announces Bias Task Force After Its President Tells Women to ‘Step Up’Recording Academy president Neil Portnow had said women need to “step up” to win awards.
  6. discrimination
    Former Female Google Employees Come Forward About Discrimination“When you speak up, you’re going to be negatively impacted,” one woman said.
  7. bias
    Banker Sues Goldman Sachs Over Alleged Race DiscriminationShe claims she was discriminated against for being black and for her Jewish faith.
  8. A New Book Explores How Science Has Misrepresented WomenA conversation with Angela Saini, author of Inferior: How Science Got Women Wrong — and the New Research That’s Rewriting the Story.
  9. Black Girls Are Perceived As Less Innocent Than White Girls — Starting at Age 5The findings build on past studies that surveyed respondents’ perceptions of black boys.
  10. Google’s Employee-Run Email List Helps Workers Submit Harassment ComplaintsNearly 20 percent of Google workers get the newsletter.
  11. The Bias That Trump (Like Reagan) Uses to Fool AmericaA claim doesn’t have to be true, it just has to be sticky.
  12. mean world syndrome
    The Bias That Explains Why Americans Fear Terrorism More Than GunsYou’re over 3,000 times more likely to be killed by a firearm than a jihadist.
  13. cognition
    Kahneman: Your Cognitive Biases Act Like Optical IllusionsBlind spots are more than visual.
  14. What Good Is Hope?Does optimism make you foolish, human, or both?
  15. The Biased Policies That Are Pushing Black Girls Out of SchoolAnd the instructional tool kit trying to change that.
  16. I’m Trying to Be Unbiased About This Article, But a Man Wrote It So I Can’tI tried. Sad!
  17. Curiosity Is Better Than Knowledge for Curing BiasOr: Why know-it-alls are so annoying.
  18. The Psychological Reason You Care More About This Kid Than Millions of RefugeesThe bias against collective suffering.
  19. Facebook to Train Employees Against ‘Political Bias’Earlier reports indicated that conservative sites and stories were being ignored.
  20. beauty
    Yes, Beautiful People Have a Totally Different Experience of LifeMore money, different problems.
  21. Yes, Beautiful People Have a Totally Different Experience of LifeMore money, different problems.
  22. Why Americans Ignore the Role of Luck in EverythingIn a talk about his new book on luck, the economist Robert Frank offered some ideas for increasing luck awareness.
  23. bias
    Will Making a Murderer Change How Jurors Think?Potential jurors’ familiarity with Making a Murderer “will be a significant question on criminal cases from here on out.”
  24. Black Boys Are Perceived As Older and Less Innocent Than Their White PeersA striking study provides context for the consistent comments about Tamir Rice seeming older than the 12-year-old child he was. 
  25. weighty issues
    Do I Make This Quesadilla Look Fat?A new study suggests that weight bias affects how we perceive food info online.
  26. bias
    What a Poetry Kerfuffle Can Teach Us About Bias“If I’d pulled the poem then I would have been denying that I gave the poem special attention because of the poet’s Chinese pseudonym.”
  27. michael lacour
    Is Social Science a Giant Liberal Conspiracy?It obviously is, opines The Wall Street Journal in the wake of the Michael Lacour scandal.
  28. tech
    Do High-Tech Promises Turn Us Into Rubes?Our brains go a little bit crazy when someone presents us with exciting new technology.
  29. debunking
    The Psychological Quirk That Explains Why People Fear Harmless ChemicalsThere’s dihydrogen monoxide in our soda!
  30. bias
    Political Extremists Are Resistant to One Kind of BiasNo anchoring for them, thanks.
  31. conflict
    The Bias That Can Help Explain Endless ConflictsWe have pure motives — they are driven by hatred.
  32. gender
    America Still Isn’t Totally Cool With Lady-BossesThough we are certainly making progress.
  33. bias
    A New Study Reveals the Limitations of Videotaping Cops (and Everyone Else)Sometimes bias trumps video.
  34. productivity
    How Narrow Defeats Mess With Our HeadsWe tend to overreact when we just miss out on a goal.
  35. A Harvard Professor Explains How Women Can Negotiate BetterEven when they get the raises they’re asking for, women are a lot more likely to be “punished” socially for negotiating.
  36. 5 Expert-Approved Ways to Make Smarter DecisionsOne of them involves (mental) time travel.
  37. Trophy Wives May Not Really Be a ThingA new study argues that biased readings of data have led to a sexist myth.
  38. We Shouldn’t Fall Into the Sunk-Costs Trap in IraqIt’s a common human fallacy, and a dangerous one.
  39. Kill the Cover Letter and RésuméOur standard way of applying to jobs is a bad system for employers and employees alike.
  40. Overweight Political Candidates Get Fewer VotesFemale candidates are punished more than males ones for being overweight, of course.
  41. Previews
    Sparrow Bar & Kitchen Coming to Former Bia’s in Upper Haight [Updated]Well, now they have a website and sample menus.
  42. Real Estate
    New Mystery Restaurant Opening in Former Bia’s Space in FebruaryIt has a new deck, and it might be a beer bar. Stay tuned.
  43. master debaters
    A Bipartisan Guide to Complaining About Moderator Bob Schieffer’s BiasHe’s a shameless liberal with a soft spot for conservatives.
  44. Party Like It's 1959
    City Investigates Continental’s Door PolicyOwner Trigger Smith says “there’s not a prejudiced bone in my body.”