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Big Government

  1. Trump Wants Big Government to Decide What Poor People Get to EatHis budget would cut aid to food stamp recipients – and replace it with a box of canned goods picked out by D.C. bureaucrats.
  2. Why Is Bernie Dodging Questions About Whether He’d Expand Government?Is that just an occupational hazard for a socialist?
  3. FBI Furious at Hollywood for Making J. Edgar GayAgents lash out at Clint Eastwood, Leonardo DiCaprio, and logic.
  4. Campbell Brown to NAACP: ‘You’re the Ones to Blame Here’Not everything you see on the Internet is true,” she says.
  5. Black USDA Official Was So Racist to White Farmer That They Became ‘Friends for Life’The many twists and turns of the nation’s latest racial controversy.
  6. Andrew Breitbart’s Journalism Has Always Interpreted the World the Way He Wanted to See ItThe conservative activist and website founder has always had a colorful flair for writing.
  7. Andrew Breitbart Identifies With Kevin Bacon in FootlooseLet’s take our time with this one.