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  1. new york beginnings
    The Crime-Fighting Program That Changed New York ForeverIs CompStat’s main legacy safe streets or stop and frisk?
  2. NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton Will Resign in SeptemberChief of Department James O’Neill will replace him.
  3. Bill Bratton: Black Lives Matter Protesters’ Focus on Police Is ‘Bigotry’ On Monday, Bill de Blasio defended the Black Lives Matter movement, while his police commissioner argued its “narrow focus” on police killings was “a different kind of bigotry.”
  4. ‘Operation Cutting Edge’ Seeks to Slow SlashingsOperation Cutting Edge. Get it?
  5. Schumer and White House Exchanging WordsChuck Schumer, joined by de Blasio and Bratton, gets shirty about DHS funding.
  6. After the Safest January Ever, Bratton Tells Straphangers to Stay AwakeCommute snooze, disrupted.
  7. NYPD Officers Suffered Fewer Assaults in 2015Assaults against New York City police officers fell dramatically in 2015. 
  8. De Blasio Versus the Judges in Howard CaseI would suggest that the mayor look into a mirror.”
  9. Bratton: Stop Giving Money to HomelessBratton goes off script.
  10. Scenes of Mourning at the Funeral for Slain NYPD Officer Randolph HolderThousands, including many fellow cops, paid their respects to the policeman killed in East Harlem last week.
  11. Another Cuffed Suspect Escapes NYPD; Police Commissioner Bratton Is Very MadOnce again, it’s an embarrassment to the department.”
  12. Bratton Snatches Joint From Woman on the Street, Throws It in the SewerI thought, “What the hell — 8:30 on Wall Street?’”
  13. Officer Who Tackled James Blake Should Be Fired, Panel SaysA return volley from a review board says Officer Frascatore used “excessive force” during the arrest.
  14. Times Square Desnudas Stay, Bratton Won’t VisitWhen asked if he’d stop for a photo, he said, “Why would I want to do that?”
  15. NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton Doesn’t Want to Hear About the ‘Good Old Days’Mayor Bloomberg is gone. Commissioner Kelly is gone. Get over it.”
  16. Bratton Admits Defeat; Times Square Pedestrian Plazas to StaySorry, cars.
  17. Bratton Says He’s Too Old to Be Police Commissioner ForeverI’d be 70-some-odd, 75 years old by that time.”
  18. city politic
    Behind de Blasio’s Cop Ramp-up1,300 new officers and a lot of pissed-off activists.
  19. NYPD Considering New Effort to Investigate Police-Involved ShootingsIt would be modeled on a similar unit started by Bill Bratton in L.A.
  20. NYPD Commissioner Says Police Had Role in ‘Worst Parts of Black History’Many of the worst parts of black history would have been impossible without police, too.”
  21. Can Bratton’s New Policing Plans Heal the City’s Wounds?He is quietly trying to repair community-NYPD relations while keeping crime down. 
  22. Bratton Still Opposes Making Chokeholds IllegalThe NYPD’s new inspector released its first report on Monday.
  23. Cops Reportedly Not Allowed Time Off Until They Get Back to Writing Tickets Party’s over, everyone. 
  24. Bill Bratton Admits NYPD Work Stoppage Exists, Insists It’s Now Over I anticipate by early next week that the numbers will return to their normalcy.” 
  25. Some Cops Are Reportedly Unhappy With Bill Bratton, Too At least according to unnamed union officials. 
  26. NYC Increases Security After Paris Attack, But Don’t Be Alarmed We will always err on the side of caution.” 
  27. Cops Turn Their Backs on de Blasio at Second NYPD Officer’s Funeral Despite NYPD chief Bill Bratton’s request.
  28. NYPD Officers Salute de Blasio As He Enters Wenjian Liu’s WakeAlongside Bill Bratton.
  29. Bratton Asks Cops Not to Turn Their Backs on de Blasio at NYPD Officer’s FuneralA hero’s funeral is about grieving, not grievance.”
  30. NYPD Chief Says Cops Turning Their Backs on de Blasio Was ‘Very Inappropriate’Rudy Giuliani even agreed with him.
  31. Cops Turn Backs on Mayor During Ramos’s FuneralMeanwhile, Vice-President Biden and Police Commissioner Bill Bratton tried to ease the tension.
  32. the city politic
    De Blasio and Bratton’s Critical RelationshipThe tragedy in Bed-Stuy highlighted the high-wire act that came to define de Blasio’s first year in City Hall.
  33. Bill Bratton: ‘Some’ in NYPD Have Lost Confidence in Mayor de BlasioBut the commissioner still stands with him.
  34. Can de Blasio Unite New York in the Wake of the Cop Killings?What is needed is trust.”
  35. Can Bratton Heal de Blasio’s Worsening Relationship With the NYPD?The department’s anger at the mayor is real — even among the cops who know he had nothing to do with Saturday’s fatal shooting.
  36. Protester Who Splattered Bratton With Fake Blood Charged With AssaultDiego Ibanez’s stunt produced a memorable image.
  37. NYPD Shooting Death Tests de Blasio The mayor and NYPD Commissioner Bratton are thrown into a tricky balancing act.
  38. A Guide to NYC’s New Marijuana Policy Starting November 19, the NYPD will start making fewer arrests for possession of small amounts of pot.
  39. Why Has the NYPD Been Airing So Many Grievances in the Press Lately?Maybe all the noise is an indication of how hard it is to enforce a political agenda and the laws at the same time.
  40. De Blasio, McCray, and Bratton Critcize PostOr the New York City press corps in general!
  41. NYPD Chief Resigns Ahead of Promotion to No. 2Philip Banks III, the highest-ranking black officer in the department, stepped down abruptly this morning.
  42. Ax Attacker Who Went After NYPD Was a Self-Radicalized ‘Terrorist,’ Says BrattonWhich is better, to sit around and do nothing, or to Jihad!” Zale Thompson wrote online.
  43. De Blasio Doesn’t Seem Too Eager to Give Bratton 1,000 More Cops I think he was expressing an aspiration — that’s a very different thing than what we’re going to decide.”
  44. Bratton Says the NYPD Actually Does Need Another 1,000 OfficersThough he didn’t want them a few months ago.
  45. Garner March Moved From Bridge to Staten IslandMayor de Blasio, Al Sharpton, Bill Bratton, and the MTA had a lot of trouble figuring this one out. 
  46. NYPD Pretty Sure Who Put White Flags on BridgeKnowing’s not proving.”
  47. Can de Blasio Be Both a Man of the People and ‘the Man’?The fallout from a chokehold death raises this question ever more urgently for the mayor.
  48. Men of Color More Likely to Receive Summones Not exactly surprising.
  49. Arrests for Sex Crimes on the Subway Are Way UpBy 23 percent.
  50. NYPD Retraining After Eric Garner: More Tasers?Commissioner Bratton said takedowns will be a special focus.
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